Parents demand answers from ECB as trans woman competes against girls

Transgender pioneer April Ashley interview in 1980

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Outraged parents are reportedly demanding answers from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) over why a transgender woman is allowed to play club cricket against teenage girls as young as 12.

According to a report from the Telegraph, multiple parents and coaches have penned letters expressing ‘alarm at the safety implications of an adult carrying the residual physical advantages of male puberty playing in the same league as girls’.

The report states that one coach claims the player in question “hits the ball harder than any other I have seen in the league”, while one parent said the situation is “unacceptable, uncomfortable and dangerous”.

Another parent claimed it is “inappropriate” for a transgender woman who has gone through male puberty to play in the same league as their daughter and another expressed concerns that some girls may “give up on cricket” after facing them.

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“They become so frightened about having to face bowling and fielding of that strength and force,” the parent wrote. “Many girls at this age are only just starting hard-ball cricket, and one incident is enough to turn them off the game.”

The report adds that six first-class counties have held a meeting with the ECB to ask for their policy on transgender cricketers to be clarified immediately, amid concerns there is no “clear guidance on the issue of girls’ physical safety”.

Current ECB rules state that “trans women may compete in any female-only competition, league or match and should be accepted in the gender in which they present”.

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In response, the ECB said they are currently reviewing their policy on transgender players. A spokesperson said: “Transgender participation is a complex area. In recreational cricket, the eligibility of players is based on their own self-identified gender, with no medical requirements.

“However, in light of guidance from the UK Sports Council’s Equality Group (SCEG), we are currently reviewing. We will continue to consult with Sport England and other independent experts and will communicate any changes once this work is complete.”

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