Tomic wants to FIGHT Kyrgios! Aussie ups the ante after $2m call out

Bernard Tomic wants to FIGHT Nick Kyrgios! Aussie star calls on arch rival to ‘stop the trash talk and put your boxing gloves on’ as pair continue to trade insults amid $2million tennis clash

  • Bernard Tomic has challenged arch rival Nick Kyrgios to a boxing match  
  • The Australian tennis stars have been locked in a war of words for many years 
  • Tomic, 29, suggested a $2m winner-takes-all tennis match against Kyrgios, 27
  • However, he has now urged Kyrgios to get in the ring and stop the trash talk 

Bernard Tomic has had enough of the trash talk and wants to settle his bitter rivalry with Nick Kyrgios in the boxing ring, after the outspoken Aussie star snubbed a $2million battle on the tennis court. 

The Australian tennis duo have been embroiled in a war of words for years and their feud escalated even further this week after Kyrgios labelled Tomic ‘the most hated athlete in Australia’.

Tomic, 29, responded by challenging Kyrgios, 27, to a one-off battle on the grass court, with each player stumping up $1million in a winner-takes-all clash. 

Kyrgios opted not to accept Tomic’s proposal, but was spotted limbering up on the grass on Friday, hinting that he may possibly change his mind and take on his bitter rival further down the line.

However, Tomic has now upped the ante and demanded a boxing match with Kyrgios, so they can end their rivalry ‘once and for all’.

‘I am so sick of all this trash talk,’ Tomic said via Saturday Confidential. 

Bernard Tomic has challenged Nick Kyrgios to a boxing match to settle their bitter rivalry

‘I literally chopped this clown last time we played, and I think it is time for me to chop him again.

‘He needs to wake up. The only thing he is number one for is having the biggest mouth.

‘I know he won’t walk onto the tennis court with me because he is a bit too scared. Put your boxing gloves on, let’s get inside the ring and let’s sort this out as men. Let’s stop the trash talk.’

Bernard Tomic (left) and Nick Kyrgios have previously been good friends, but have fallen out spectacularly over the last five years

Neither Tomic nor Kyrgios boast any experience in the boxing ring, although the latter has expressed an interest in the sport in the past and there has certainly been a surge in ‘celebrity boxing matches’ in recent years.

Former rugby stars Sonny Bill Williams and Paul Gallen have carved out careers in the ring, while ex-AFL bad boy Barry Hall has enjoyed a two-fight career.

Kyrgios (76) is currently far ahead of Tomic (418) in the tennis rankings, but Tomic beat Kyrgios in the only professional match they played against one another, at the Kooyong Classic in 2019.  

Kyrgios (with girlfriend Costeen) has snubbed a $2m tennis match but now Tomic wants to box

‘Let the public see who is better for once and for all,’ Tomic recently said.

‘I’ve beaten you easy before and I’ll do it again.

‘Plus we’ll play on grass so you don’t make any excuses.’

Kyrgios replied: ‘Better in what way? I’ve got a higher career (ranking) More money, more wins and give back whenever I can.’

‘It’s time for BT to just quiet down. He ain’t even playing anymore. I got years left.’

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