Nick Kyrgios’ dad scolds Wimbledon officials for double standards after fresh fine

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Nick Kyrgios’ dad has taken aim at Wimbledon officials for not defaulting Stefanos Tsitsipas during the heated contest on Saturday night. While Rafael Nadal’s match with Lorenzo Sonego took centre stage at the weekend, it was Kyrgios’ match against Tsitsipas which grabbed the attention of tennis fans all over the world.

All four previous matches between the pair had produced fireworks with their most recent coming at the Halle Open last month. And the spectacle failed to disappoint from the very start of the match with Kyrgios playing up to the raucous crowd with a tweener and an underarm serve through his legs.

Even though Kyrgios began berating line judges behind him, with two going up to umpire Damien Dumusois to complain of obscene language, the Wimbledon crowd maintained their support for the Aussie. That soon began to irk Tsitsipas in the second set and he reacted by smashing a ball into the crowd, which appeared to narrowly avoid hitting a spectator.

Kyrgios immediately called for his opponent to be defaulted from the match afterwards, calling for more supervisors on the court to discuss it further. He refused to play until the matter was resolved as the match soon turned into a circus.

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The Greek tennis ace did it again later in the match and was handed a point penalty for his outburst. Tsitsipas was livid with his rival in his post-match presser, accusing him of being a “bully”.

But Kyrgios pointed out that Tsitsipas was the one who overstepped the mark in lashing out and almost hitting a member of the crowd. And the 27-year-old’s father agrees, insisting his son would have been thrown out for anything similar.

“My son would have been defaulted,” Giorgos Kyrgios told the BBC. “You’ve got to draw the line for everybody. I hate to see it for anyone. I feel sorry for all of them – the pressure is so much.”


Both players ended up being fined for the match on Saturday, with Tsitsipas receiving a £8,200 punishment while Kyrgios will be forced to pay £3,300. Kyrgios now has a chance to reach the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam for the first time since the 2015 Australian Open.

And the Aussie’s dad believes his son is heading in the right direction this week. “At times he plays as the best player on any surface, but it’s a learning process, right?” Giorgos added.

“Just got to keep ticking the right boxes and you get in the right places. It was a matter of time for him to settle, the nerves and stuff playing against a tough opponent like Stefanos is.. and while he was getting frustrated, he should have broken him a couple of times.”

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