USA and Uruguay stars hit the deck after strangely getting boots stuck together

United States star Brenden Aaronson and Uruguay midfielder Manual Ugarte were involved in a bizarre moment on Sunday as they got their boots locked together.

The peculiar incident happened one minute into the second half of their friendly match in Kansas as Aaronson attempted to take the ball around Ugarte. Sporting Lisbon ace Ugarte dived in to try and win possession but missed the ball completely and caught the US winger on his boot instead.

Both players went down under the challenge, but unusually they went down together after Aaronson somehow managed to get one of his studs caught in Ugarte's shoelace.

Neither player quite seemed to realise what had happened as the commentators struggled to contain their amusement at the bizarre situation. "I've never seen that," exclaimed one excited American voice in the gantry.

"That was pretty amazing," added another. Their shock and awe at the unique moment was shared by social media users who took to the comments section to give their own opinions on the hilarious incident.

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"That's when you know FIFA really imitates the game on a real level," joked one, referencing glitches on the popular computer game. Another wrote: "This video is from the future."

Someone else added: "Not something you see every day." While a fourth user chimed in with: "It always has to be the Americans." As another person questioned: "Who fouled who??"

The tangle between future Leeds star Aaronson and Ugarte probably proved to be the most exciting moment of the afternoon as the USA and Uruguay played out a 0-0 draw.

Several other Premier League stars were also involved in the match, including Chelsea star Christian Pulisic and departing Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani. The USA next face Grenada in Texas on Sunday before taking on El Salvador on Wednesday 15 June. Uruguay host Jamaica next Saturday.

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