Thomas Tuchel insists he doesn't fear getting sacked by Chelsea

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel insists he will not ‘live in fear’ about facing the axe if Chelsea suffer dip in form… in the wake of Nuno Espirito Santo’s ruthless sacking by rivals Spurs

  • Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel insists he doesn’t fear getting sacked by the club 
  • This comes after Nuno Espirito Santo was sacked by Spurs after just four months 
  • Tuchel says he’s confident in his ability despite the possibility of a sacking 

Thomas Tuchel insists he does not fear of the sack – because he is already fully clued up about the risks of management in the same way he understands the dangers of driving.

Tuchel has already steered Chelsea to Champions League glory and has the league leaders on the right road for Premier League success.

Nuno Espirito Santo’s Tottenham sacking after just four months and the recent form dips suffered by Everton’s Rafa Benitez and Aston Villa’s Dean Smith have provided reminders of how quickly things can change.

Thomas Tuchel says he does not fear the sacking as he knows it’s something that’s a possibility

Tuchel guided Chelsea to Champions League glory four months into his reign as head coach

Tuchel understands that and said they highlighted the importance of Chelsea not getting ahead of themselves but he added: ‘I am personally not living in fear and constantly reminding myself you can be sacked. It’s like, I drive a car to the training ground.

‘I know it’s super dangerous to be in a car out there in traffic because it happens every day there are accidents, but I don’t think about it.

‘I know, and that’s why I drive carefully, but I trust my skills. I feel confident in the car. I know where my limits are and I don’t gamble on my limits.

‘This is what we do here. I’m confident in what we do but I try not to be over confident and not to overstretch the limits.

‘We are aware of the situation but it doesn’t hold us back to enjoy the daily life and the profession.

‘It’s a gift, and I’m really living my dream actually, I’m in a good place and hopefully it will last some more years, weeks, months, whatever.’

Nuno Espirito Santo was earlier this week sacked by Spurs after just four months in charge

As long as Sean Dyche’s reign at Burnley if he can make that far, in fact. Dyche has just passed his nine year anniversary at Burnley and Tuchel, appointed in January said:

‘If [communications manager] Adrian [Phillips] can handle me for 10 years then maybe yes. [he could match Dyche at Chelsea]. I will try to.

‘I can tell you today I will do my very best to stay as long as possible because I like where I am and I enjoy working every single day in this club and in this league. For me it is a perfect fit.’

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