Spain Women’s coaching team quit after Luis Rubiales’ kiss on World Cup winner

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    The entire Spain Women's coaching staff have quit their jobs in the wake of Luis Rubiales' kissing World Cup winner Jennifer Hermoso.

    The World Cup celebrations that should have been happening have been overshadowed by Luis Rubiales and the Spanish FA, less than a week after they lifted the trophy down under following their 1-0 win over England.

    During the trophy presentation, Rubiales kissed Spain forward Jennifer Hermoso on the lips, something which she has unequivocally stated she did not consent to. Calls for the president of the Spanish FA followed, with it widely believed Rubiales would step down at the RFEF's annual AGM on Friday.

    However, a defiant Rubiales opted to instead re-affirm his position as president, stating five times during a lengthy speech that he would not be resigning. Rubiales said: "I will not resign."

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    Statements from Spanish internationals, both male and female followed, all of which slammed the Spanish FA and Rubiales' decision to stay on following the controversy that he himself caused.

    And now tensions between the Spanish Women's national team and their own FA have risen even further with the news that Jorge Vilda's entire coaching staff have now resigned.

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    Spanish outlet Carrusel Deportivo report that the coaching staff have all decided to leave their jobs, with Vilda standing alone by remaining in post.

    Excepts from the now former Spain coaching staff's statement read: "1. "The names below express their firm and resounding condemnation of the conduct shown by the RFEF president 2. "…he offered a story that does not reflect in any way what was felt by Jenni Hermoso, who has expressly stated that she felt she was the "victim of aggression"

    "3. "Given the unacceptable attitudes and statements made by the president, they have made the decision to place relieve themselves of their duties 4. "This part of the technical staff shows its support for the statement published by the players…more specifically those of Jenni."

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    The news comes just hours after FIFA announced that Rubiales had been suspended from all football activity for 90 days. But despite the huge backlash against the embattled president of the Spanish FA, the RFEF have instead opted to not back down, instead claiming they will take legal action against Hermoso's claims she did not consent to the kiss.

    "The RFEF announces its intention to take any necessary legal actions in defense of the honorability of the President of the RFEF," read their statement.

    "He has clearly and simply explained how the events, which have become a source of controversy and ridicule by wide sectors of society against him, transpired."

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