Sir Bobby and Jack Charlton’s 22-year feud – difficult wife and prickly personas

The football world is in mourning following the passing of Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton.

Tributes from all over have poured in after the news of Charlton's passing broke, with United's statement hailing the winger as "a hero to millions, not just in Manchester, or the United Kingdom, but wherever football is played around the world."

Back in 2021, a documentary on his brother, Jack Charlton, aired following his death at the age of 85. Jack Charlton spent his entire playing career at Leeds United and was part of the victorious England World Cup squad in 1966.

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Alongside him in that team was brother Bobby, though the two siblings did not always see eye to eye. Jack accused Sir Bobby of not visiting their mother Cissie before her death in 1996, blaming Bobby’s wife Norma.

It was animosity that carried on for over two decades with Bobby telling his side of the story in his 2007 autobiography. The Manchester United legend wrote: ”My wife is a very strong character and does not suffer fools gladly. I am not suggesting my mother was a fool.

"There was a clash and it just never went away really. Jack came out in the newspapers saying things about my wife that were absolutely disgraceful. Nonsense."

The 2021 documentary, ‘Finding Jack Charlton’, was filmed during the last 18 months of his life and gives an insight into the effect dementia had. A recording in the film sees Jack describing his role as the older brother, born over two years before Bobby.

Jack says: ”I had to look after him during the day and make sure he was OK. I didn't like it. I liked the sea, I liked the countryside and Bobby didn't. He liked to be around my mother, he liked to be at home. I could have done more things without him than I had to do with him."

Though another recording in the show gives Sir Bobby’s perspective, suggesting Jack was not the easiest of people to get along with.

Bobby claims: ”My brother was an uncompromising character. I watched him in a derby match – he gave a goal away and they lost. I said to him after: 'You were stupid giving that daft goal away.' He punched me straight off the back of the couch on to the floor."

The two did reunited following the tragic death of fellow 1966 World Cup hero Ray Wilson in 2018. Both Charlton brothers attended the funeral with it being the first time they had been seen together in years.

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