Simon Jordan recovering from surgery after being diagnosed with prostate cancer

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    Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has revealed that he's recovering from surgery after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    Jordan has been absent from his role on talkSPORT for a number of weeks, leading avid listeners to speculate on his whereabouts. However, the controversial ex-Premier League owner returned to the show on Tuesday to clarify his situation.

    The 55-year-old bravely shared details about his condition live on the show. He said: "I'm recovering from cancer, I've had some quite significant surgery, two weeks ago for prostate cancer. As you can see I'm able to come in today but it will take some time to recover."

    Jordan continued with a message to listeners of the show, urging them to get tested. He added: "The reason I bring it up is that I think it is an important message."'If I hadn't have had surgery, I wouldn't be here. There's a real issue of this about awareness. If you don't address it with a simple test, one in eight white men and one in four men get prostate cancer."

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    "I wanted to impart the important message to get tested. I've sitting here with six holes in my stomach, peeing a bit of blood but I am here."

    talkSPORT listeners were quick to send in their best wishes to Jordan on social media. One fan wrote: "Sorry, Simon. Happy to see you back and healthy. Wishing you all the best."

    Someone else said: "Get well soon Simon." A third added: "Great listen Simon, fair play to you and good to have you back on the radio."

    A fourth commented: "Dad had the same thing. Brother had it so he got checked and got it sorted. Get checking lads." Others wished the radio star a "quick recovery" and called him a "top man."

    Jordan later added: "What would you rather die of, embarrassment? There's lots of people who have had this sort of situation. It is something men shouldn't ignore.

    "Men do need to pay attention and I didn't enjoy the surgery but I had a top, top surgeon. I have to recover for a bit and have a number of tests going forwards."

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