Seven barely-believable Premier League records that you did now know about

The Premier League will celebrate its 30th year of existence next season.

There have been great goals, incredible drama, and some sensational accolades accumulated along the way.

Whether it is Arsenal’s Invincibles, Manchester City’s Centurions, or Alan Shearer’s devastating sharp shooting in front of goal, there have been many records which will transcend time.

However, while most supporters will be able to recall these records as well as they can recall their own name, there are many other bizarre accolades that will have escaped the minds of the most ardent pub quiz teams in the country.

Daily Star Sport considers seven barely-believable Premier League records…

1. Luis Suarez's Canary plucking

Norwich City owner Delia Smith probably baked Barcelona a Victoria Sponge as large as the Nou Camp after they signed Luis Suarez from Liverpool.

Because on this very day eight years ago, the Uruguayan became the first Premier League player to score three hattricks against the same team in December 2013.

Every time the ball was at his feet, the Canaries became as flustered as a flock of, well, Canaries, as they simply could not stop him.

East Anglia breathed a collective sigh of relief when he moved to La Liga – to their happiness, he has not returned to the division since.

2. The Golden Oldie

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Legend says fine wine ages like John Burridge.

With its lightning fast paced, over stacked fixture list, and blinding intensity, Premier League football is not for the feint hearted.

However, former Manchester City goalkeeper Burridge proved it is not just a young man’s game as he became the oldest player to ever grace the division.

At 43-years and 162 days, Burridge became the most senior player in its history, after appearing between the sticks in a 3-2 defeat to Queens Park Rangers in May 1995.

3. Richard Dunne OG status

Most players could only dream about making 432 Premier League appearances, yet poor Richard Dunne was still unable to catch a break.

The rock-hard central defender put his face where most players would not put their boots during his seventeen Premier League seasons with, Manchester City, Aston Villa, and Queens Park Rangers.

Unfortunately, he is still the unwilling occupier of one of the most unfortunate, but embarrassing records, in Premier League history – nobody has scored more own goals than the Irishman.

He scored 10 own goals during his time in the top division of English football, even finding his own net three times in one season on two separate occasions.

4. Emmanuel Adebayor's eagerness

If VAR and those ghastly lines had been in place since the Premier League’s inception, then another striker could be in Emmanuel Adebayor’s place.

Or the former Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, and Crystal Palace hitman could have accumulated three times as more offsides than he did.

But even with the divisive system, it still would have needed quite the effort to surpass the 328 offsides in 242 appearances he amassed during his 11 Premier League seasons.

Jermain Defoe was not far off from catching the Togo international as he was flagged 312 times – except the Englishman made 496 appearances in the Premier League, 254 more than Adebayor.

5. Ilkay Gundogan's laser vision

Considering Pe Guardiola’s famous line ‘Keep the ball, pass the ball, keep the ball, pass the ball’ likely reverberates around Manchester City player’s heads like a washing machine, it is little surprise the holder of this award is a Citizen.

While Chelsea fans have likely tried to banish the memories of their limp 1-0 away defeat to Guardiola’s side in 2018, Ilkay Gundogan immortalised that dominant performance by breaking an illustrious record.

The German completed 167 passes against the west Londoners and holds the prestigious title of most completed passes in one match.

His laser vision also helped City break a record of their own against the, believe it or not, then reigning Premier League champions, as they became the first side to complete more than 902 successful passes since OPTA started collating the statistics in 2003.

6. 'You've got no fans!'

Now this is a record which will surely never be beaten.

Only 3036 supporters showed up to watch Wimbledon’s 3-1 home defeat to Everton in the 1992 – 93 Premier League season.

At the time, Wimbledon had abandoned their original home stadium Plough Lane and opted to share Selhurst Park with Crystal Palace to the frustration of Dons fans.

And it’s a pity very few people were at the match, as they missed four goals, nostalgic football played on a tractor field of a football pitch, and an 18-man fracas which was busier than one of the main stands.

7. Gone in 176 seconds

In May 2015, Sadio Mane played like a man who was clearly not being paid by the hour.

The then Southampton hitman blew Aston Villa away with a hurricane hat-trick that was scored within two minutes and fifty-six seconds.

It was a hat-trick that ripped the contest away from Villa and put Mane into the Premier League record books forever.

The Saints went on to score two more quick fire goals to give themselves a 5-0 lead over the beleaguered Clarets.

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