Ryan Reynolds prefers colonoscopy to Wrexhams Deadpool birthday tribute

Ryan Reynolds has reacted to Wrexham AFC’s birthday tribute by saying he ‘preferred’ having his colonoscopy.

Reynolds and fellow Hollywood actor Rob McElhenney took over the National League side back in November 2020 and have repeatedly trolled each other in a number of PR stunts carried out to boost the club’s reputation. McElhenney did not disappoint in his birthday tribute to Reynolds on Sunday, having a giant blimp with the Deadpool star’s face flown from Wrexham’s stadium.

A video of the birthday message, which featured both players and executive director Humphrey Ker, was posted on Twitter by McElhenney with the caption: “The head and mouth are to scale, but the eyes are 50% more dreamy in real life. Happy Birthday @vancityreynolds from the @Wrexham_AFC Racecourse.”

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It showed ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ star Rob celebrating his co-chairman’s birthday by initially requesting Wrexham players to run out of a ‘giant inflatable Ryan Reynolds mouth’ at their next match.

Having deemed it“bad for morale”, McElhenney turned his attention to letting off a ‘Ryan Reynolds Memorial Blimp’ featuring the actor’s scarred face from the set of Deadpool. The players and Humphrey Ker could all be seen applauding while the blimp sailed away.

Reynolds promptly reacted to the hilarious skit by claiming: “I think I preferred the colonoscopy.”

His comment was in relation to a wager carried out between the Hollywood duo in September on behalf of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to raise awareness for the often-avoided medical exam.

Reynolds lost a wager to McElhenney over who had learned the most Welsh since their ownership of the club and in turn had to take the often taboo test, with it being broadcast for all to see.

Shockingly, the bet may have ended up saving Reynolds’ life as the doctor carrying out the medical exercise discovered an “extremely subtle polyp” – a projecting growth of tissue from a surface in the body that can develop in the colon and rectum.

While they are usually benign, and therefore harmless, they can develop rapidly and become malignant. Upon discovering the polyp, the doctor was able to quickly and easily cut it off with a very minor operation.


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