Romps, orgies and prostitutes – inside wild lives of Brazil icons as Pele dies

The late, great Pele was arguably Brazilian football's first international celeb – but he certainly wouldn't be the last.

Over the decades, Brazil has produced a disproportionate amount of the greatest players the beautiful game has ever seen, many of whom were as notorious for their antics off the field as they were for their talents on it.

Here, Daily Star Sport takes a look back at the debaucherous lifestyles of some of the country's most famous figures, including epic tales of raucous parties, maddening sexual escapades and run-ins with prostitution.

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Prostitution may be legal in Brazil, but that doesn't mean it's not a dirty business – and Ronaldo was no stranger to the seedy underbelly of the sex trade.

One night back in April 2008, during his stint at AC Milan, the frighteningly-talented striker was rehabbing back in his hometown of Rio De Janeiro following the latest in a string of career-threatening injuries when he decided to pass the time with a night of sex and passion.

The then 31-year-old invited three prostitutes back to his hotel room for a secret sexy soiree, only to later discover that they were all men, and things quickly spiralled out of control.

The police were called following an "altercation", with one of the prostitutes claiming 'The Phenomenon' had threatened to hit him, and the two-time World Cup winner asserting the sex workers were trying to extort him for money.

Rank these five Brazilian legends in order from best to worst (in terms of footballing talent, not womanising) in the comments section below.


Another Brazilian prodigy with an appetite for goals and girls is Romario – who is a senator these days, lest we forget. The three-time divorcee didn't even try to hide his partying and womanising during his playing days.

While at Barcelona, Romario lived out of a hotel room, though permanently booked out a second hotel room in case his wife's visits clashed with his philandering.

His strike partner at Camp Nou, Hristo Stoichkov, once told FourFourTwo: "Romario was only interested in two things: football and f***ing. Romario’s lifestyle, his constant coming and going caused problems with his wife." You don't say, Hristo?

After celebrating winning the World Cup with a summer of partying in Brazil, Romario’s footballing career took a turn for the worse after his partnership with Stoichkov collapsed. "Romario never came back after the World Cup. His body was there but his mind was still in Rio," Stoichkov claimed.

Romario then fell out with Barcelona manager Johan Cruyff, who accused him of "lacking discipline", and he was sent packing back to Brazil, just a few months after firing the Catalan giants to the La Liga title. Former Real Madrid manager Jorge Valdano once stated: "Romario’s skill on the pitch was in lying with his body. In the end it was his undoing off it too: he lied to his president to go off with two blondes."

Romario has cleaned up his act since stepping into politics in 2010, but his passion for women evidently remains. Earlier this year, it was revealed he was in a relationship with a social media influencer 25 years his junior, and in 2019 he was known to be dating a college student who was a whopping 31 years his junior.


Former Inter Milan icon Adriano was tipped to follow in the footsteps of Ronaldo and Romario before him, and although he didn't quite manage to emulate them on the pitch, he certainly did off it.

'The Emperor', as he became known, once spent £13,000 on 18 prostitutes to cheer himself up following a failed transfer.

Back in 2015, at the age of 33, Le Havre offered Adriano an unlikely lifeline after the Brazilian striker had seen his promising career derailed following the tragic death of his father. However, a deal to join the French side fell through at the last-minute, leaving him with more sadness to address.

According to Extra, Adriano consoled himself in the best way he could think of: by spending thousands on a hareem of sex workers and flying them over to Brazil for a private party.


Pele might not have been as notorious a party animal as some of the others on this list but he was no stranger to a steamy affair.

The three-time World Cup winner revealed in a 2021 Netflix documentary that he cheated on his wives so many times that he lost track of how many children he had. Asked whether it was hard to stay faithful, Pele replies: "In all honesty it was. I’ve had a few affairs, some of which resulted in children. But I only learned about them later."

The football legend got married for the first time in 1966, at the height of his playing career, but had an affair with the housemaid and fathered a daughter, who he refused to accept was his until DNA evidence proved it in 1993 after his daughter launched a lawsuit.

Pele, whose third and final marriage was to a Japanese-Brazilian woman 32 years younger than him, insisted he never lied to any of his wives about his cheating, which is something I guess.


The recently-incarcerated Ronaldinho made no secret of his love of sex and debauchery.

He claims he lost his virginity at 13 and that he used to have a shagging session before every game when he was at Barcelona because it made him play better.

But don't just take his word for it, the stories others tell about him in the bedroom are just as legendary. An ex-lover once described him as 'pneumatic drill' in bed while another labelled him 'human Viagra' – and we hear he lobbed Seaman from 40 yards once, too!

The Ballon d'Or winner also had a 'nightclub clause' in his contract when he was at Flamengo which allowed to go out partying every week.

These days he's in a three-way relationship with two other women, both of whom live with him in his mansion, and sleep with him on alternate nights.


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