Rob McElhenney gives insight into Wrexham's promotion party

Wrexham co-owner Rob McElhenney admits feeling ‘a little EMBARRASSED’ to get a National League winners medal… with Hollywood star revealing Elton John called to congratulate him on non-league side’s promotion

  • Wrexham ended their 15-year exile from the Football League last month
  • Co-owner Rob McElhenney opened up about the club’s promotion celebrations
  • McElhenney admitted to being embarrassed after receiving a winner’s medal 

Rob McElhenney admitted feeling ‘a little bit embarrassed’ to have been awarded a medal for Wrexham’s National League success, with the Hollywood star describing the club’s promotion celebrations as a ‘surreal’ experience.

Wrexham have received headlines since they were bought by Ryan Reynolds’ and McElhenney in November 2020, with a documentary charting their bid to bring the Welsh club back to the English Football League.

Promotion was achieved last month after Wrexham’s 3-1 win over Boreham Wood at the Racecourse Ground, ending a 15-year spell in the non-league.

McElhenney and Reynolds were seen on the pitch after the Wrexham players had lifted the National League trophy, having triumphed in a closely fought promotion race against Notts County.

The stars were seen wearing winners’ medals as they lifted the National League trophy.

Rob McElhenney, left, and Ryan Reynolds, right, were awarded medals for Wrexham’s success

McElhenney said it was ‘a little bit embarrassing’ to receive a medal for the team’s achievement

Wrexham will play in League Two next season after being crowned National League champions

McElhenney told The Always Sunny Podcast that the pair had been conscious to allow the players to celebrate first, while he was asked whether medals were presented to both him and Reynolds due to their profile.

‘I asked that, we’ve very aware of that,’ McElhenney said.

‘Yes, everybody gets a medal, but I was both excited in the moment when they put it on, we were just elated.

‘But it is a little bit embarrassing to be wearing a medal for something you really didn’t do.’

The Wrexham co-owner gave further insight into the club’s celebrations after securing promotion to League Two.

McElhenney revealed music legend Sir Elton John, a former chairman of Watford, had called to offer his congratulations for the success.

The American, who is best known for starring in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, added that he was unable to match the Wrexham squad’s drinking during their celebrations.

‘The surrealness of how large it seemed, like I was with Ryan and Elton John called to talk and congratulate us,’ McElhenney said.

McElhenney revealed he and Reynolds had been congratulated by music legend Sir Elton John

The Hollywood star admitted he was unable to keep up with the Wrexham squad’s drinking

‘It’s bizarre. The Prime Minister of the UK gave us a shout out in parliament, we heard from the king, I mean it’s bizarre.

‘I stayed out all night long with the players trying to keep up with their alcohol intake and I did pretty well.

‘But they are large young men. I got very drunk and had a blast.

‘I was on camera the entire time, which is why I didn’t say anything stupid. Shirts came off at one point and I was like, this is where the chairman keeps his shirt on.’

According to the BBC, both McElhenney and Deadpool star Reynolds have both jetted into the UK for 24 hours to attend Wrexham’s open top bus parade on Tuesday.

The celebrity owners have insisted Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson will take the lead on any new transfers as the club prepare for life back in the English Football League.

This is despite a tongue-in-cheek offer for former Wales captain Gareth Bale to sign for the club as they prepare for life in League Two next season.

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