Richest Championship club have more cash than Arsenal and Liverpool combined

When it comes to rich football clubs, Newcastle and Manchester City will likely be the first two teams that come to mind.

Chelsea are not far behind the two Premier League sides in terms of ownership wealth, but the fourth richest English club may surprise you, as they don't even play in the top flight. Queens Park Rangers are in fact the fourth richest club in the country, due to their ties to Lakshmi Mittal.

Mittal was named as India's sixth richest person back in 2021, as Forbes valued him at £12.86billion. And his partnership with Tony Fernandes as QPR owner means that they are worth more than Premier League heavyweights Arsenal and Liverpool combined.

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Newcastle may be miles clear in terms of worth, with their owners posting a value of £500bn which eclipses the figure of £19bn that City's owners are worth. Chelsea are next as the new consortium led by Todd Boehly is worth a total of £13.64bn.

But QPR are worth £13.38bn, which shockingly puts them fourth in the English rankings. And that figure is more than the combined total of £12.69bn that equals the total worth of both ownership groups at Arsenal and Liverpool.

Arsenal are owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, with head of the family Stan also housing NFL Champions LA Rams, NHL winners Colorado Avalanche, MLS outfit Colorado Rapids, and teams in the MLB and the NBA under his empire. The Kroenke business is worth an estimated £9.25bn, with Liverpool's owners lower down on the list with a net worth of £3.45bn.

Liverpool are owned by Fenway Sports Group, who boast a slightly less impressive portfolio with MLB side Boston Red Sox and NHL outfit Pittsburgh Penguins under their regime. But both clubs are dwarfed by the value of Mittal, who is the executive chairman of the world's largest steelmaking company.

Mittal was once named as the third richest person in the world, and reports suggest that his daughter, Vanisha Mittal, had the second-most expensive wedding in recorded history. Despite the wealth though, QPR continue to struggle in the Championship.

They currently sit in ninth place, but have failed to achieve promotion back to the Premier League ever since being relegated from the top flight in 2013. Millions have been pumped in ever since, but they can't seem to get it right.


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