Queen and Sir Alex Ferguson morphed together for Jubilee – yet nobody noticed

In what could be the most bizarre Platinum Jubilee celebration of the week, Sir Alex Ferguson and the Queen have been morphed together by one Brit – but nobody even noticed.

The Reddit user Sankey2007 decided to answer a request to decorate their desk for the Queen's 70 years of service by adding Manchester United icon Sir Alex on to her portrait. They wrote: "My office wants us to decorate our desks for the jubilee. I’ve been putting up photos of the queen face swapped with Sir Alex Ferguson. Nobody’s noticed yet."

The hilarious stunt went down a storm with the UK public, with the unique image going viral on social media.

It seems Ferguson, 80 and Her Majesty, 96, have similar facial features as one person commented: "I have to admit I didn't notice."

With a four-day bank holiday weekend ahead, another joked: "Imagine how much extra time we’d get if Alex Ferguson was Queen…." The football references rained in with a further reply reading: "Seventy years on the Throne, You'll never sing that!"

One conspiracy theorist posted: "To be fair, I've never seen the 2 of them in the same room together….." But it was quickly pointed out that the Queen was the one to knight Sir Alex in 1999.

That didn't stop the theories, though, with one person adding: "This is when Liz chopped off his head and stole his face."

While Lizzie didn't do anything of the sort, she did have a good chat with the former football manager about United's historic treble-winning 1998/99 season. "The Queen told me she doesn't think it will ever be achieved again and she's right," Sir Alex revealed afterwards.

"It's such a proud moment for me, my family and for the club because it is a team effort.'' They also chatted about their mutual love of horse racing.

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