Premier League vs Saudi Pro League begins – and money will ultimately be MOTM

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    The Premier League is back which means we will no doubt have the phrase ‘best league in the world’ rammed down our throats throughout the weekend’s TV coverage.

    That’s something which has always been up for debate, of course, even if broadcasters who pay billions want us to believe it. But what hasn’t been is that it is no doubt the richest league in the world and has been for some time.

    Now there’s a new player in town and the Saudi oil fields can create bottomless pits of cash to blow the English league out of the water.

    Yet Premier League boss Richard Masters reckons the Middle Eastern state’s new-found love of spending big on football is no threat.

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    That’s certainly a different energy compared to when some of Europe’s top clubs threatened to create a Super League. There was no attack on what Saudi is threatening to do to the landscape of football.

    Now apparently it isn’t that worrying that Saudi clubs backed by the country’s government are already pilfering teams across Europe and now threatening to come for the younger, fresher and more attractive talent?

    It’s almost like Masters is OK with Saudi cash being infiltrated into the Premier League.Which of course the Premier League most certainly are, given they gave the green light to the Public Investment Fund in Saudi to buy Newcastle United.

    There’s little doubt the belief was that with that new cash, the Magpies could buy players of glitz and glamour to further enhance the spectacle of the Premier League.

    What do you make of the Saudi football takeover? Tell us in the comments section below.

    That equals more money from broadcasters if some of the biggest names are playing over here.

    Everyone’s a winner. Expect anyone who stands against a government intent of sportswashing its human rights violations on a spin cycle moving faster than the speed of light.

    So of course it would be bereft of Masters to now claim that what the Saudi clubs are doing is wrong, like he did about the money-hungry teams who threatened a breakaway league.

    But he must see that what Saudi is plotting is their own version of a Super League where the game’s biggest names earn the most money. It will take a while for the Premier League to lose its title as the richest league in the world.

    But if Saudi go through with their plans to bring the best players to the Middle East, then this country’s top tier won’t even have any claim to being the best league in the world.


    GARY O’NEIL is back in the Premier League and deservedly so.

    Bournemouth may believe they’ve got a direction to go in so appointed Andoni Iraola and sacked O’Neil at the end of last season.

    But the English manager deserved a bit more respect after the fine job he did in keeping The Cherries in the Premier League.

    Now he’s got another chance to show he’s got what it takes to manage in the top tier after being appointed new Wolves boss.

    It’s not going to be easy in the Black Country after Julen Lopetegui walked out this week because of the financial constraints at the club.

    O’Neil showed he was up for the challenge when he took over at Bournemouth last season.

    And he’s taken on another big task here.

    But there’s no doubt it’s a chance he deserves. Now he has to prove he can do it again.


    IT is amazing to think that respected people in football suggested Harry Kane should snub Bayern Munich to stay at Tottenham to beat a scoring ‘record’.

    The record only exists if you believe football started in 1992 by the way. That’s the Premier League scoring record held by Alan Shearer.

    Which is only ever talked about when someone is close to breaking it.

    So why would Kane turn down joining one of the biggest clubs in the world where he can compete for the Champions League?

    There's something very little Englander to be snobby about the Bundesliga being a one-team league, too.

    Manchester City have won five of the last six Premier League titles. It’s not so competitive here either.

    And Kane is unfortunately at a club who can’t regularly qualify for the Champions League, never mind compete for the top trophies.

    Kane can win it all in Germany and be a hero in Munich. Leave Shearer to his record and being remembered for winning nothing at Newcastle.‌

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    Harry Maguire heading for the Old Trafford exit door. He hasn’t deserved the abuse he’s received and time to reignite career.


    The new added on minutes rules. Just book players for time wasting rather than risk more injuries and fatigue.

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