Premier League rejects clubs’ charity initiative to raise money for Shelter on Boxing Day

The Premier League has blocked the move

The Premier League has refused a request from club’s to wear away kits at home on Boxing Day in supporter of the charity Shelter, saying it encourages clubs to participate in charitable causes “provided it is in compliance with Premier League rules”.

Shelter, which campaigns to end homelessness and improve housing quality, had approached several of the clubs hosting games on Boxing Day asking if they would support their aim to make the festive fixtures an annual event for football to raise awareness of homelessness, as revealed by the Daily Mail.

Shelter created a detailed plan for the campaign, which would see home clubs wear away shirts as a symbol of solidarity with the homeless. Players would then auction off the unworn home shirts to raise money for the charity.

However, the Premier League turned down the proposal. The league’s rules state home teams should prioritise wearing home kits whenever possible.

A Premier League spokesperson said: “The Premier League receives a large number of requests from charities every season however we aren’t able to support all centrally. Clubs area entitled to support charitable causes, and we encourage clubs to do so, provided it is in compliance with Premier League rules.”


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