Prem to go futuristic on TV this season with the likes of real-time graphics

TV coverage of the Premier League is set for a major revamp later this season with a bunch of futuristic never-before-seen features on the way.

The league's technology partner Genius Sports have developed a skeletal tracking system which allows data to be relayed in real-time.

In English, what this means is special graphics will pop up on the screen offering insight and analysis as the game unfolds. Statistics such as each player's running speed, shot velocity and ball trajectory will be included while viewers also have the option to use a name-tag system to let them know which player is on the ball.

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All Premier League games are broadcast with an eight-second delay, which gives broadcasters enough time to add graphics to accompany the action using a state-of-the-art computer vision system.

Whether you're watching on Sky Sports, BT Sport or Amazon Prime Video, the features will be available for anyone watching Premier League football.

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Viewers won’t have to wait long for it either, with changes set to be rolled out later this season. While the breakthrough, which was agreed earlier this week, is primarily for broadcasters and their viewers, it will also be provided to the clubs as a coaching aid.

Genius Sports say they are aiming to provide "dynamic, interactive metaverse applications" as a next step which would "allow fans to put themselves directly into the action".

"This partnership is an important next step in demonstrating the way data and advanced technology can amplify storytelling and fan engagement," said Genius Sports chief executive Mark Locke.

"Genius has believed deeply in this vision for many years, which is now becoming a reality in partnership with Football DataCo and the Premier League. We're incredibly excited to work on solutions to enhance how the most popular league in world soccer is consumed by millions of passionate fans worldwide."

Genius Sports are also working on a 'mesh tracking' system, which will see data collected from contact points all over each player's skin.

It's understood the new graphics system will be optional, allowing viewers to watch the game as normal if they choose.


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