Noel Gallagher left ‘covered in blood’ after headbutt from Ruben Dias’s dad

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Manchester City superfan and former Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher was left "covered in blood" celebrating Ilkay Gundogan's title-winning strike.

Gallagher told talkSPORT: "As the third goal goes in, there is absolute bedlam in the stadium. Where we sit, Ruben Dias' family are a couple of boxes up. I'm jumping around like an idiot, passing my son around like the Premier League trophy, everyone's lifting him up.

“I turn around, Ruben Dias' dad runs straight into me, headbutts me, I'm on the floor, covered in blood. I don't see the last two minutes, I've got to get taken down by St John's Ambulance to get stitched up."

City left it late to capture their fourth title in five years as Pep Guardiola's side had to come from two goals down.

In a manic five minutes, Gundogan found the net twice, and Rodri once in between the German's brace, to bring the trophy back to the Etihad Stadium.

Gallagher continued: “I've got stitches in my top lip, two black eyes. As I'm going down the corridor, Pep is running up crying and we hug each other. He says, 'What's up with your face?' And I said, 'Go and be with your players!'

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“If you saw me today, I look like I've just arrived home from the eighties at Elland Road, I look like I've had my head smashed in. It's unbelievable.

“Lots of City fans are asking me what happened and I'm just saying, 'You'll never guess'. There's not a mark on him [Dias' dad]. He's a big bear of a man. He almost knocked my teeth out.

“I've got rehearsals today, but the good thing about that is I've got three Liverpool fans in my band!”

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