Neymar's 10 most OUTRAGEOUS moments from dives to bust-ups

Neymar’s 10 most OUTRAGEOUS moments! From a theatrical dive at the World Cup and getting booked for attempting a rainbow flick to bust-ups with Edinson Cavani, Fabio Coentrao and opposition fans

  • Neymar has never been able to shake a reputation for being a diver and hot head
  • He was up to his old tricks this week with a dive against Gamba Osaka in Japan
  • In 2015, he was sent off for headbutting and kicking the ball against an opponent
  • The Brazilian clashed with a supporter after losing the 2019 French Cup final 

In terms of raw ability, few players in the modern era can rival Neymar for skill, technique and goalscoring. 

The Brazilian forward has won league titles in Spain and France, lifted the Champions League, earned a host of individual accolades and netted over 400 goals for club and country at the age of 30. 

But there is also a side to Neymar that is less admirable. Throughout his career, he has never been able to shake his reputation for diving and excessive play acting, as well as his fiery reactions to situations. 

Neymar was up to his old tricks this week with a dive in a friendly against Gamba Osaka

The PSG star made headlines again this week as he was up to his old tricks with a shameless dive to win a penalty in a pre-season friendly against Japanese side Gamba Osaka. 

Replays showed that there was no contact as Neymar theatrically threw himself to the floor in the box, before rubbing salt in his opponent’s wounds by getting up and scoring the spot-kick. 

Here, Sportsmail takes a look at Neymar’s most outrageous moments, from dives and headbutts to arguments and punches. 

Dramatic dive and roll against Serbia at the 2018 World Cup

We’ll start with the embarrassing moment that is perhaps the most infamous in Neymar’s back catalogue. 

The Brazilian was mocked throughout the 2018 World Cup for his dives – someone even tallied up that he spent a total of 14 minutes at the tournament rolling around clutching one limb or another.

His theatrics against Serbia were the worst of the lot, as he was brought down before completing no fewer than five rolls to really play it up to the referee. 

‘You may think I overreact, and sometimes I do,’ Neymar said after the World Cup. ‘But for real? I suffer on the pitch. When I act like a brat, it isn’t because I’m a spoiled child but because I still haven’t learned to deal with my frustrations.’

Neymar spent a total of 14 minutes rolling around on the floor at the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Getting sent off for kicking the ball at an opponent and headbutting another at the Copa America

It seems that major tournaments bring the worst out of the forward, who was sent off in Brazil’s surprise 1-0 defeat to Colombia in the group stages of the Copa America in 2015. 

After the referee had blown the final whistle, Neymar was shown a red card for kicking the ball at Pablo Armero before aiming a headbutt at goalscorer Jeison Murillo. 

‘I did make a mistake,’ the then-Barcelona star admitted afterwards, ‘But, it’s part of the game. We lost and I believe we played badly. I didn’t play well either.’

He wasn’t the only one to be sent off though. Carlos Bacca also saw red for his reaction to Neymar’s temper tantrum.  

A melee ensued following Neymar’s tantrum in the aftermath of Brazil’s defeat to Colombia

Pretending to help an opponent up from the floor

Bringing it back to domestic football, Neymar received criticism for what he described as a ‘joke’ in the Coupe de la Ligue semi-final against Rennes in 2018. 

After fouling Hamari Traore, the Brazilian offered his opponent help up from the floor, only to withdraw his hand and walk away with a wry smile. 

Defending himself afterwards, the PSG star said:  ‘Football is a little boring right now. We cannot do anything — everything is controversial.

‘For example, I made a joke at the end by offering my hand and then pulled it away. It will cause controversy, but it is the kind of thing that I do with my friends all the time. Why not with opponents? It was just a joke.’

Neymar received criticism for what he described as a ‘joke’ against Rennes four years ago

Penalty argument with Edinson Cavani 

Neymar does not limit arguments to just his opponents though. Back in 2017 he fell out with PSG team-mate Edinson Cavani over who should take a penalty in a Ligue 1 match against Lyon.

The Uruguayan won the debate with Neymar walking off in a huff and his mood probably didn’t get much better when Cavani saw his spot-kick saved. At least PSG still won 2-0. 

‘I have told them to sort it out between themselves,’ then-PSG boss Unai Emery said afterwards, clearly unimpressed.

Edinson Cavani convinced Neymar to let him take the penalty, but then saw his effort saved

Altercation with a fan at the French Cup final 

We’ve had opponents, we’ve had team-mates. It was only a matter of time before a fan felt Neymar’s wrath. 

The Brazilian star was walking up the steps at the Stade de France to collect his losers’ medal after the French Cup final defeat to Rennes in 2019 when he seemed to take offence at one man who was pointing a phone camera at him.

Neymar used his right hand to push the man’s phone away before words were exchanged. The forward then lashed out and appeared to catch the fan’s chin.

PSG confirmed they would stand by Neymar after the incident and revealed they believed the supporter in question was a friend of a Rennes player, who remained unnamed.

Multiple cameras were aimed at Neymar as he reacted angrily before collecting a medal

Getting booked for attempting a rainbow flick 

Despite his often bizarre antics, it is hard to argue against the fact that Neymar is also one of the most skillful players of his generation. Sometimes though, he is too skillful for his own good.

Referee Jerome Brisard was unhappy with the Brazilian’s showboating in PSG’s 5-0 win over Montpellier in 2020. 

The match official had a heated conversation with Neymar after he attempted an outrageous rainbow flick and eventually showed the superstar a yellow card for dissent.

At half-time, Neymar was caught telling team-mate Marco Verratti: ‘I play football and he shows me a yellow card. Tell him he can’t give me a yellow.’

Referee Jerome Brisard was unhappy with Neymar’s showboating against Montpellier in 2020

Refusing to shake the hand of Celtic teenager

While many young players may fear playing someone of Neymar’s quality, that cannot be said of Celtic’s Anthony Ralston. 

The Bhoys lost 5-0 to PSG in a Champions League clash in 2017, but Ralston – then only 18 years old – still had the confidence to laugh in the Brazilian’s face as he got up from one of his infamous dives. 

It’s fair to say Neymar didn’t take too kindly to that, refusing to shake the teenager’s hand at full-time as he showed his discontent. 

‘It wasn’t a big deal,’ Ralston said afterwards. ‘I won’t dwell on that too much. ‘If that is the case, and that is the way he wants to be, then fine. I don’t care. Like I said, everybody is different, so I won’t lose any sleep over it.’

Offering to fight a Manchester City fan

It would be fair to say that Neymar is a pretty easy target to wind up and a Manchester City fan tried his luck when the Premier League side faced Barcelona in the Champions League in 2015.

The Brazilian was sat on the bench after being substituted at the Etihad, when the spectator caught his attention and made a ‘diving’ gesture with his hands – letting Neymar know exactly what he thought of him. 

The forward appeared to try to usher the fan over before making a move for him at the full-time whistle, only for a steward to intervene and keep the pair apart. 

After the game, Neymar told reporters that a fan had insulted him in Portuguese and added: ‘What he told me? I cannot repeat it.’ 

Failed Panenka for Santos 2010

This is the earliest moment in this list and for once we’re actually talking about something Neymar has done on the ball – just not in a positive sense. 

The Brazilian was a highly-rated 18-year-old hotshot playing for Santos in 2010, but he did his reputation no favours with a failed Panenka attempt against Vitoria. 

They look great when they come off, but on this occasion Neymar’s audacious attempt from 12 yards was easily saved by goalkeeper Lee.  

Neymar was highly-rated in his early days at Santos, but failed with a Panenka attempt in 2010

Bust-up with Fabio Coentrao in El Clasico 

As Neymar was a Barcelona player for four years, it would be unfair to end this list without an El Clasico bust-up. 

In one meeting with Real Madrid in 2014, the Brazilian got so riled that he attempted to headbutt Fabio Coentrao and then leant in to try to bite the left-back’s hand before Pepe intervened. 

When Pepe – the king of football ding-dongs – is the one stepping in, you know you must be in the wrong.

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