Neil Warnock had "never seen" Liam Gallagher despite mimicking famous pose

Neil Warnock has opened up about the viral footage of him staring down at a cameraman.

The former Sheffield United manager opened his own Twitter account recently and to mark the occasion he released a couple of separate videos. In one he talks about the famous film in which he is seen looking down the lens of a camera with his hands behind his back.

Some were quick to suggest that he resembled singer Liam Gallagher. However, Warnock, 73, has claimed that he had not even heard of the former Oasis frontman when people made the comparison .He said: “I've seen this has been retweeted thousands of times. Here's what I was thinking at the time. So that was against Palace, the last game at Cardiff.

"Unfortunately, we got relegated. The cameraman put his camera right in my face so I thought 'I'm not having that!' So of course I went towards him. They accused me of being Liam Gallagher or somebody! But I'd never even seen it before. It was just Neil Warnock trying to show the cameraman what to do!”

Warnock later posted a video of himself reenacting the move – with Rock N' Roll Star by Oasis playing over the top. The caption read: “Walking in to social media… #sociallife #retirement #twitter.”

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The veteran former boss announced his retirement from football management via Sky's flagship show Soccer Saturday in April.

Warnock, who last managed Championship side Middlesbrough, oversaw 1,600 games across his managerial career. He won eight Football League promotions, including Sheffield United, Queens Park Rangers and Cardiff, which is a record amount.

"I just thought it was the right time, really, coming towards the end of the season, there's not really a job you're going to get before then," he told Sky Sports. "I've had a good run really. I'm enjoying things I've not done for years, I'm having a lot of time with the family, my dogs and I've taken up cycling too.”

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