Mickey Thomas sneaked onto Chelsea’s pitch and bonked woman in centre circle

Former professional footballer Mickey Thomas has revealed he got his kit off late at night with a woman on the pitch.

The Welshman, 67, was playing for Chelsea when he sneaked into the ground to score. He and best pal and team-mate Joey Jones sometimes used to stay over in London rather than head back to Wales.

Mickey said: “If we didn’t fancy the drive, we’d kip in the referee’s room at Stamford Bridge. A couple of times, I’d turn on the floodlights and have a kickabout. There was also one night when I had some female company and made use of the centre circle.”

No stranger to controversy, Mickey was jailed for forgery while at Wrexham in 1993. He told FourFourTwo magazine he once had to break back in to prison – after sneaking out for a pint.

Mickey laughed: “Two of the wardens who were big football fans used to take me out on a Thursday night for a drink.

“I’d tell them a few stories that they lapped up. One night, the session went on so long that we were locked out of the prison. They had to get me back in before we were found. Luckily they discovered a ladder.”

Meanwhile, Mickey finishes his Walk For Life trek up Snowdon next Saturday to thank Wrexham Hospital for a life-saving operation on a tumour.

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