Mason Greenwood has all charges dropped over a year after Man Utd star’s arrest

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    All charges of attempted rape, assault and coercive control against Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood have been dropped.

    Greater Manchester Police have confirmed the Crown Prosecution Service have dropped all charges against the 21-year-old, who had been suspended by his club.

    The England international was arrested in January of 2021 and spent three nights in custody after police swooped on his £15,000-a-month rented home. Greenwood appeared in court in November of 2022, when a provisional trial date was set for November of 2023, before the charges were dropped.

    Chief Superintendent Michaela Kerr, GMP's head of public protection, said: "The investigation team has remained in regular contact with the legal team, providing any updates of note, and so understand the rationale for the discontinuation of proceedings at this stage, and that this decision has not been taken lightly.

    "Despite the media and public's interest in this case, we have decided not to comment on it in any further detail.

    "I would, however, like to use this opportunity to reiterate GMP's commitment to investigating allegations of violence against women and girls and supporting those affected, regardless of their circumstances, throughout what can be a hard and upsetting time for them.

    "An ever increasing number of officers are receiving specialist training and the force is more consistently utilising tools, available via the criminal justice system, to keep people safe and care for victims.

    "If you feel you are or might be a victim, please don’t let this case put you off asking for help."

    Manchester United are yet to comment.

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