Madrid star Vinicius Jr frustrated by lack of action over racist abuse

Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr is growing frustrated by the lack of action taken by Spanish authorities over racist abuse after he was targeted for the SIXTH time by a fan in their loss to Mallorca – with Brazilian seeking tougher punishments

  • Vinicius Jr wants Spanish authorities to do more to put a stop to racism in LaLiga 
  • Real Madrid star was targeted by fans for the sixth time in their loss to Mallorca
  • The Brazilian feels LaLiga is limited to reporting incidents and sending evidence

Real Madrid forward Vinicius is growing increasingly exasperated by the lack of action taken in Spain over the racist abuse he has received.

On Monday La Liga submitted its sixth official complaint regarding racist abuse suffered by one of the competition’s black players, but to date none of the previous five have resulted in punishment.

The 22-year-old – who was targeted by a fan during Sunday’s 1-0 defeat to Real Mallorca – wants action instead of what he sees as platitudes but La Liga feels its jurisdiction is limited to reporting incidents and sending audiovisual evidence from games to Spain’s Anti-Violence Commission and the public prosecutor who then pursue the matter through local courts.

When Vinicius was racially abused away at Mallorca last season the case was closed because the local prosecutor did not deem the available proof of monkey chanting and the use of the insult: ‘go and pick bananas’ sufficient grounds to continue with criminal proceedings.

The player is tired of vocal moral outrage after every incident followed by the incident being reported to authorities, who then do nothing.

Real Madrid forward Vinicius Jr is growing tired of inaction from Spanish officials over racism

LaLiga have now filed six complaints after racist abuse aimed at Vinicius Jnr after he was targeted during their 1-0 loss to Mallorca 

Vinicius tweeted earlier this season: ‘The racists are still in the stadiums watching the biggest club in the world and La Liga does nothing.’

On Tuesday police in Madrid said they had identified six suspects who they believe were responsible for hanging from a bridge a mannequin dressed in a Vinicius shirt. The suspects could be charged under Spain’s hate crime laws.

Vinicius is not the only player to have been racially abused in recent seasons.

Inaki Williams suffered in a match at Espanyol’s stadium in January 2020 and the case is still being processed.

The Brazilian feels LaLiga – headed by Javier Tebas – are restricted to simply reporting incidents and claims authorities take no action

But another case against someone who racially abused Inaki’s brother Nico was closed because, according to information obtained by Spanish radio Cope, police reviewed the culprit’s social media activity and concluded that it was not racist.

Another case involving abuse aimed at Vinicius at the Camp Nou was closed because despite La Liga sending images and lip-reading proof of racist abuse, local police could not identify the culprit.

The president of Spain’s National Sports Council, Jose Manuel Franco has said: ‘Where the law will not reach, sport itself has to take action to bring about justice.’

But La Liga believe they do not have the jurisdiction to act against clubs with stadium closures and have so far restricted their responses to filing complaints and passing on evidence.

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