Logan Paul slaps YouTuber in intense encounter – but fans arent convinced

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A YouTuber has posted a clip of Logan Paul slapping him at a festival – but fans aren't convinced.

Anwar Jibawi uploaded a video to social media on Wednesday. It shows him approaching Paul at a festival and even taking off his jacket. The YouTuber-turned fighter hits him around the face with a brutal slap, with Jibawi falling to the ground. The internet star then jumps up from the floor, saying: “What? What?” to the camera.

The reaction from many of Jibawi’s followers is one of suspicion. They believe that the whole affair was staged. One quipped: “Logan’s been in WWE so he's probably really good at faking these by now.”

Another queried how the prank was set up: "How do you people set this kind of stuff up" I imagine it going something like “Ok bro so let’s do this prank. I say something then you slap me. It’ll look super realistic. You with me!?” “Oh heck yea that sounds like it’ll get a ton of likes. Let’s go!”

A third wrote: “It is staged they used to make vines together.”

Someone wrote: “I miss the Vine days,” while another stated: “You do know this is staged?”

Do you think the slap was staged as others have suggested? Let us know in the comments section below.

It comes after Paul defended Mike Tyson for hitting a fan in a fight on an airplane.

Last week a video surfaced of the boxing legend repeatedly punching a passenger who had goaded him. Reports suggested that Tyson was repeatedly antagonized by the man before he unleashed the blows. But on an episode of IMPAULSIVE, Paul defended Tyson for reacting.

Logan explained: “I can relate to this because when you take a selfie with someone, that’s going to be the end of our interaction. Maybe if I’m interested in the conversation ill continue, but if we’re sitting next to each other on a plane and it’s clear I’m not into the conversation — stop.

“The fact that this guy was making videos and being obnoxious and then got to the point of talking s**t… well… play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

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