Liverpool icon Bruce Grobbelaar put wee on Anfield posts to lift title ‘curse’

Liverpool legend Bruce Grobbelaar has told how he put wee on his goalposts in order to remove a curse. The maverick goalkeeper admitted he believed in spells to try and change his fortunes on the field.

Zimbabwe international Bruce, 64, said: “When you’re from Africa and played for teams with witch doctors, you don’t disbelieve anything they do.

“When one put a curse on Liverpool at my Anfield testimonial [saying Liverpool wouldn’t win the league without Grobbelaar in goal], I thought it was a joke – I didn’t think he was a real witch doctor, but he was.

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“Over the years Liverpool never won the title, so I thought, ‘I’ve got to do something to get rid of this curse’.

“In Africa, if the pitch was cursed then you peed on the posts.

“So I peed in a bottle, poured it all down the posts and crossbar at both ends, and saved a penalty at the Anfield Road End. Then the Reds went on an undefeated run at Anfield and won the league!”

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The keeper revealed that it wasn’t the first time he resorted to drastic tactics under the advice of a shaman.

Bruce added: “On one occasion, the witch doctor told me to strip naked and stand around a tree with all the other players.

“He splashed water over us, told us to get our gear on, then we went to the stadium and won. He was the hero, not the players!”


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