Liverpool boss Klopp’s comments on Chelsea have given away FSG plans

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has given away FSG’s plans for this summer’s transfer window. The German’s comments on Chelsea have given a clear indication of what the Reds intend to do in the close season.

FSG have come under strong criticism from Liverpool supporters for failing to back Klopp as much as he’s needed in the transfer market. The American owners are looking for new investment to help in that regard but a resolution on that doesn’t appear to be close.

Klopp has recently spoken to the club’s principal owner John W. Henry. He revealed he has a good relationship with the 73-year-old and insists signings will be made in the summer.

He told Sky Sports: “Good, good guy. I find it really funny what the expectations are from a talk like this, that I sit there and put my ideas on the table and John just says ‘How much is this? How much is that?’ – it’s not like this.

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“We have a really good relationship, he’s a really good guy. He cares a lot about us and we will do business.”

However, Klopp has used Chelsea as an example of a model not to follow. The Blues have spent over £600million in two transfer windows and now have a swollen squad which has massively underperformed on the pitch.

Klopp says Chelsea’s approach has left their coaches with a hugely difficult task to keep players happy and produce results on the pitch. In a clear hint at what his and FSG’s plans are, Klopp suggested Liverpool will be signing considerably fewer players than Chelsea have of late.

He added: “I understand that that football is crazy and everybody expects that ‘ok Liverpool is not doing well, it means they need five, six, seven players’. I feel a little bit for Chelsea to be honest because it’s not going well, I think they’re a top, top team.

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“But on the other side it’s good, it’s good to see you cannot just bring top players together and think it works out. You have to build a team and that’s what the guys there obviously underestimated and gave their coaches a nearly impossible job to do.

“You cannot have two dressing rooms, you cannot train on two pitches. You have to create relationships, you have to create team spirit.

“That’s the only reason I’m a little bit happy about it, because Chelsea will be fine in the end and will be incredibly strong next year. This is just an example at the highest level ‘Oh you cannot do it like that’ and that’s what we will not do.

“You have to bring the right players and build a new team. This team wrote a sensational story – now we start a new one, that’s it.”

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