Hooters banned from sponsoring under-10s football team after sending waitresses

Hooters have been banned from sponsoring an under-10s football team in Nottingham just days after sending a host of glamorous waitresses to pose with the children.

A deal between Burton Joyce FC and Hooters was announced earlier this week, sparking outcry on social media. Some football fans said the link-up was "creepy" and "wrong" on account of the American bar having waitresses who dress up in revealing outfits. The chain have also been accused of being "degrading to women."

Both Hooters, which has its only UK branch in Nottingham and the club, founded in 1990, came in for criticism online for announcing the sponsorship with a series of images showing the bar's waitresses posing with the under-10s team.

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Following the outcry, the Nottinghamshire FA have now banned the deal. Explaining their decision in a statement, they said: "The County FA had not been approached by the club seeking sanction for the sponsorship and had we have been', they said.

"The request would have been declined in accordance with FA rules appertaining to the Kit and Advertising Regulations. From being made aware of the sponsorship we have been working with the club to reinforce their understanding of the regulations surrounding such sponsorship.

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"We understand the difficult climate that grassroots football operates within and urge any club seeking investment from sponsorship that they are fully aware of the regulations or contact us for clarification."

The FA also has guidelines in place concerning sponsorship of youth football teams. "In the case of a team comprising players all under the age of 18 years on 31 August in the current season, the appearance on or incorporation in any item of clothing of any reference whatsoever to a product, service or other activity which is considered by The Association as detrimental to the welfare, health or general interest of young persons, or is otherwise considered inappropriate, having regard to the age of the players, is prohibited," their regulations says.

Despite the opposition to Hooters' sponsorship and its subsequent banning, some football fans were in favour of the idea, with one writing on Twitter: "This is quality! I'm having words with my sons club as to why they didn't secure this deal!"


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