Gascoigne took ‘full kit w****r’ to new level for prank on England team-mates

Paul Gascoigne took being a “full-kit w****r” to a new level by wearing all the England team’s gear.

He left former national boss Graham Taylor stunned when he turned up for training wearing all the squad’s clobber. Teammate Lee Dixon said: “Me and Gazza got to the changing rooms before everybody else and all the kit was laid out.

“He went, ‘Watch this, Dicko.’ And I said, ‘What are you doing?’ He went round and put everybody’s kit on – all the way round until he couldn’t move any more. In the end, you can imagine, he had 15 tops on, he had 12 pairs of socks on. His legs were like tree trunks.”

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The ex-Arsenal star said: “Graham Taylor was just walking over and Gazza went, ‘All right gaffer, we’re doing free kicks this afternoon!’ It took him about an hour to get it all off.”

There have been a wealth of crazy and amusing stories linked to Gazza's antics down the years, from chasing an ostrich round Tottenham's training ground to his infamous night in the dentist chair whilst on England duty.

The midfield icon has recently been taking part in a new reality TV show, Scared of the Dark, where eight celebrities are placed in a pitch-black bunker for a week – which has proven difficult for Gazza, given he's been afraid of the dark since he was a young boy.

"Then the lights went out. I nearly collapsed. I was sitting on the floor, crying, saying I wanted to quit," the 55-year-old revealed. "I'm nearly crying thinking about it, because it was scary."

"I’ve been scared of the dark since I was a kid," he added. "I slept with the lights on. As an adult I slept with the TV on and the sound turned down. I think it’s a fear of the unknown. I think I did the show because I wanted to conquer it."


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