Footy match cancelled because of goose poo – even after both teams cleaned pitch

Tower Hamlets' clash with Hoddesdon Town on Saturday was postponed due to goose poo on the pitch.

The players of both teams had entered the pitch before kick-off to clean up the field, but the referee still called the game off. Tower Hamlets tweeted: "Referee has called the game off to the surprise of both teams. Reasoning – Geese Poo on the pitch.

"Both teams worked together to clear whatever was left on the pitch. But the referee was not interested. Laughable really!" While Hoddesdon had a little joke on Twitter: "Today’s game with @TowerHamletsFC is OFF.

"Some geese have left their mark all over the pitch. Ref didn’t like the excessive fouling."

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"You can't blame the geese, the state of the toilets there is shocking," one fan joked. While a second added: "Fulham had a load of s**** on the pitch today and the game still went ahead!"

"Questions – How does he know it’s geese poo? Has he experienced goose poo before? Is he a poo expert," a third questioned. And another added: "Crap decision, this!"

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Tower Hamlets' assistant manager Grant Holt was less than impressed – and he took to social media to vent his frustration.

Holt said: "Nearly 40 players (both teams) were on the pitch clearing up stupid geese s*** or something.

"I saw about three bits. Some boys saw NONE. Never have I ever been involved in something so stupid in my life."

He then added: "By the way. The man still asked for his money looool!"

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