Footballer scores goal and celebrates with touching tribute – to his dog

Few things in life are as gut-wrenchingly tragic as when a beloved pet dies.

Unlike when a relative or friend passes away, you're not really afforded the same sort of sympathy when whiskers or rex kick the bucket.

But that didn't stop one footballer from giving his dog the kind of send off only the very best of good boys deserved after scoring a goal.

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After rifling the ball home from a tight angle to put his side 2-0 up, the grieving star happily risked a yellow card by ripping off his jersey to reveal a t-shirt with a photo of his recently-deceased pooch on it.

The player then ushered his celebrating team-mates away to let the cameras get a good view of the photo, but just in case they failed to, he ran over to the pitch-side camera on the half-way line just to be sure.

Should footballers who take their shirts off to pay tribute to lost friends, family or pets be exempt from receiving yellow cards? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Visibly crestfallen, he then lifted his t-shirt to his lips and planted a loving kiss on the photo while gazing towards the sky as his colleagues rushed over to offer words of sympathy and a few comforting hugs.

He was welling up by the time he put his shirt back on, which, for anyone who's lost a pet, is totally understandable.


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