FIFA media chief Swanson comes out as gay during World Cup press conference

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    FIFA media chief Bryan Swanson revealed he is gay during FIFA boss Gianni Infantino's contentious press conference.

    Infantino made 'bonkers' claims that he felt the pain of marginalised groups such as the LGBTQ+ community because of his experiences growing up, whilst defending World Cup hosts Qatar's human rights record. And the FIFA top man, who's set for another term in charge of the governing body, was accompanied by Swanson as he made the startling comparisons.

    But Swanson, who worked as Sky Sports News' Chief News Reporter for 18 years before joining FIFA's media team in 2021, attempted to ease the tension and anger aimed at Infantino by revealing he was a gay man who was in a privileged position in Qatar. While making the public declaration of his sexuality, Swanson also insisted that Infantino cares a great deal about the gay community.

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    Swanson said: "I have seen a lot of criticism of Gianni Infantino since I've joined FIFA, particularly from the LGBTQ+ community. I am sitting here in a privileged position, on a global stage, as a gay man, here in Qatar.

    "We have received assurances that everyone is welcome and I believe everyone will be welcome in this World Cup. Just because Gianni Infantino is not gay does not mean he does not care. He does care.

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    "You see the public side. I see the private side. We have spoken on a number of occasions about this." But making the decision to speak about his sexuality at the press conference wasn't an easy one for Swanson.

    However Swanson felt it was something he had to do as it's a topic that's close to his heart. He added: "I thought long and hard about whether to mention this in this news conference, this after all is a news conference for the FIFA president, but I do feel strongly about it."


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