Famous football fans who posed in body paint – from Italy WAG to Miss BumBum

It's not a rare occurrence to see jaw-dropping models wearing football shirts during cheeky photoshoots.

However, some have taken it a step further, and have used completely nude with a football shirt painted onto their chests to protect their modesty. And body painting isn't just limited to stunning models, with some famous WAGs and even Miss BumBum getting in on the action.

Models dropping their clothes and painting themselves a shirt is normally revered for international competitions – but it's not the only time. And Daily Star Sport is looking at six famous models who have posed in body paint.

Melissa Satta – Italy

Where better to start than former footballing WAG and Italian TV presenter Melissa Satta.

Satta, who at the time was dating Italian icon Christian Vieri, shed her clothes to show support to the Azzurri ahead of the 2010 World Cup. It didn't help Marcello Lippi's side who failed to win a single game in South Africa.

Satta said: "It's a really hard job and they [did] an amazing job. It wasn't like feeling naked, I had something on."

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Suzy Cortez (Miss BumBum) – Barcelona

Lionel Messi superfan and former Miss BumBum winner Suzy Cortez couldn't help but get in on the body paint action to flaunt her assets. Of course, Cortez also had 'Messi 10' sprayed onto her back.

Cortez is no stranger to having her photo snapped with a Messi shirt, but this remains her most risque to date. One snap, with Cortez facing away from the camera, showed exactly why Cortez made the MissBumBum title her own.

Ava Sovisl – Ayr United

Italy, Barcelona, Ayr United, one of the three seems out of place in any other football list – but Ayr United are arguably the kings, or queens, of body painting.

After beating Stranraer to earn promotion to the second-tier of Scottish football, Ayr United decided to release their new kit using body painted model Ava Sovisl.

Sovisl was a model at Bodog, Ayr's sponsors, and Bodog are no strangers to photoshoots with models and body paint.

Lunna LeBlanc (Miss BumBum) – Brazil

Watch out Suzy Cortez, there's another MissBumBum on the rise, and she's even stealing some of your old tricks.

Playboy model, and current MissBumBum, Lunna LeBlanc covered herself in body paint to cheer on the Brazilian athletes at the Olympics. This included Brazil's footballing squad who brought home gold at the 2020 Tokyo games.

However, we'll never know if Dani Alves & Co were spurred on by LeBlanc's cheeky snaps.

Natalia Pina – Russia

Ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Natalia Pina set pulses racing when she appeared in a body painted Russian shirt.

In a video posted on Instagram, she holds a football up and blows kisses at the camera as she proudly flaunts the red of the host nation.

Russia had the tournament of their dreams, and even knocked out Spain on the way to the quarter-finals when they finally fell to Croatia.

Bethany Dempsey – USA

We started the list with a WAG, and we'll finish the list with one: Bethany Dempsey.

Dempsey, as you may have guessed, is the better half of American footballing legend Clint Dempsey. And ahead of the 2010 World Cup she posed for Sports Illustrated in a bikini and painted USA shirt.

The photoshoot definitely set her husband's pulse racing as he burst out of the blocks in the US' opening game against England with a goal that Rob Green had a hand – or lack thereof – in.

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