Everton furious with Jordan Pickfords wife for sharing anti-vax posts

Everton are said to have "read the riot act" to goalkeeper Jordan Pickford after his wife shared anti-vax messages to her social media followers last month.

A photo was posted to her Instagram story which featured a placard at a Freedom Rally in London with a message that read: "Even if you’re not conspiracy minded, something in your soul has to say… something is wrong."

Following that, Megan is said to have shared an image of a voodoo doll covered in pins which had a caption that read: “Just one more booster to freedom."

It has now been reported that the second post was removed after Jordan was spoken to by club officials and passed the message on to his significant other.

The Sun report that Everton "read the riot act" to the England international, who has made 172 appearances for his current side since joining from Sunderland in 2017.

They quote a source as saying: "A number of players were read the riot act about their conduct and the behaviour of their families.

"Officials explained they were trying to get as many fans vaccinated to keep attendances up."

Megan's post came after the girlfriend of John Stones made her own feeling clear on social media.

On Instagram, Olivia Naylor wrote: “Do not get a vaccine so you can travel because that ski trip means nothing and your human rights mean everything.

“Even if you are vaccinated, say no to proving it. It’s a severe breach of human rights.”

A series of Premier League fixtures have been suspended in recent weeks following an influx in Covid-19 cases, with Newcastle vs Southampton the latest game to get the chop.

A recent Premier League statement said: "The Premier League's Covid-19 emergency measures include protocols such as wearing face coverings while indoors, observing social distancing, limiting treatment time, as well as the increased testing.

"The league is continuing to work with clubs to keep people safe by helping mitigate the risks of Covid-19 within their squads. We are also liaising closely with the government, local authorities and supporter groups, while being responsive to any future changes to national or local guidance."

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