England legend Peter Reid offers ‘straightener’ to ‘hard man’ Dominic Cummings

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    England legend Peter Reid has bizarrely arranged to have a pint with Dominic Cummings – which fans reckon is actually a "straightener".

    Cummings, who was previously Boris Johnson's chief advisor during his time as Prime Minister, has this week been giving evidence at the ongoing Covid-19 inquiry. He took to X (formerly Twitter) and shared a communication between former cabinet secretary Mark Sedwill and the secretary of the Department of Health and Social Care, Sir Chris Wormald, on Thursday (November 2).

    The 51-year-old captioned the post: "All of you f***ers who whine about Vote Leave face this fact – on 12 March the DHSC Permanent Secretary was pushing chickenpox parties on the Cabinet Secretary who tried to get the PM to say this to the country that day – AND VOTE LEAVE SPADS STOPPED THE INSANE F***ING PLAN.

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    "You can all say 'thanks Vote Leave, thanks Ben Warner, thanks weirdos and misfits' in replies, let's hear it." Shortly after former Sunderland manager Reid replied to him, writing: "Hard man, let’s have bevy. London or Durham not a problem for me.."

    "Happy to, send a DM, drink when you're in London next," responded Cummings, with 67-year-old Reid adding: "In London Monday, wonderful."

    How much would you pay to watch Reid take on Cummings? Let us know in the comments section.

    The former Everton and Manchester City midfielder did have a struggle getting in touch with Cummings, telling him: "I’m not verified apparently, you DM me, will be interesting catching up."

    But it seems they did eventually manage to arrange a meet-up. And the location may have been revealed too, with Soho bar The Social posting: "Nice one lads, booth booked upstairs at the bar for you at 6pm Monday."

    The eyebrow-raising interaction had football fans cracked up on social media. "Can this be televised," pleaded one, while another added: "We demand pictures."

    A third asked: "Is this on Pay per view?" And a fourth questioned: "Have Dom Cummins and Peter Reid just arranged a straightener on here?"

    "Hoping to get the merchandise deal for the Peter Reid and Dominic Cummings main event," joked a fifth, with a sixth saying: "Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving!"

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