David Moyes slams Big Six for protecting themselves from failure

West Ham boss David Moyes slams the Premier League Big Six for protecting themselves from failure with UEFA’s new Champions League coefficient plans as he insists his side ‘want to mix it with the big boys’

  • UEFA propose two Champions League spots should be given on historical merit
  • It would make it easier for the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal to qualify
  • The coefficient plans are opposed by fans and the majority of European clubs
  • David Moyes claimed the proposals do not ‘sit correctly’ with any supporters 

David Moyes has accused England’s Big Six clubs of trying to insulate themselves from failure with UEFA plans making it easier for them to qualify for the Champions League.

The proposals for the 2024-25 Champions League would mean Arsenal and Manchester United, based on their competition history, could qualify for the Champions League if they finished fifth or won the FA Cup — but would not allow the likes of West Ham that chance.

A year on from the collapse of the European Super League, the UEFA coefficient proposals are also opposed by fans, the majority of European clubs and by Moyes, who said: ‘I don’t think it sits correctly with anyone who is a football supporter.

David Moyes accused the Big Six of protecting themselves from failure with UEFA’s new plans

UEFA propose for two Champions League spots to be awarded on historical performance 

‘I don’t see where there are many people who could speak positively about this being a good process. I’m guessing behind it is that this is some way to keep them from going into any other leagues. But it seems unfair. We want to try to mix it with the big boys when we get the chance.’

Moyes said that the Big Six ‘get security, if they drop, to stop them falling any further’.

The Football Supporters Association, with backing from fans of the Big Six, said: ‘We are united in opposition to proposals to reform the Champions League that are a back door attempt at a return to the discredited idea of a European Super League.

‘These proposals will only widen the gap between rich clubs and the rest, at the same time wrecking domestic league calendars, with the expectation that fans sacrifice yet more time and money attending meaningless group games.’


The West Ham boss claimed the proposals should not ‘sits correctly’ with any football fans

 £100m prize

The difference between finishing fourth and fifth in the Premier League could end up being as little as goal difference but in financial terms the gulf is colossal. 

Getting into the Champions League is worth as much as £100million on average for English clubs — and potentially much more than that if they reach the knockout stages. 

The Europa League, in contrast, is worth an average £20m in prize money. 

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