Chinese fans appear to target Spurs fans during loss to South Korea

Chinese fans appear to target Tottenham supporters during their side’s 3-0 defeat by Son Heung-min’s South Korea… after the Korean FA previously asked their counterparts to guarantee safety for travelling spectators

  • South Korea beat China 3-0 in an Asian qualifier for the 2026 World Cup 
  • During the match, Chinese fans appeared to target Tottenham supporters
  • Trent and Bellingham can play together but can’t get in each other’s way – IAKO

Footage has emerged of Chinese football fans appearing to target Tottenham supporters during their side’s 3-0 loss to South Korea today.

South Korea dominated the Asian qualifier for the 2026 World Cup, with Son Heung-min scoring twice in the first half before Seung Hyeon Jung added a third late on, but attention quickly turned to the stands where there seemed to be multiple physical confrontations.

One video showed a supporter wearing a Tottenham No7 shirt with the name ‘Won’ on the back being pointed out by a fan, before he was then dragged away from his seat and towards the exit by other spectators.

Another photo then emerged on social media showing a different fan with a Spurs shirt appearing to exchange punches with a Chinese supporter.

It is unclear why the clashes occurred at this stage, but South Korea’s best player Son is Tottenham’s captain, and this may have caused the outrage among the Chinese fanbase. 

A supporter wearing a Tottenham shirt was dragged away from his seat by Chinese fans

A photo on social media showed a different Spurs fan clashing with another Chinese spectator

Tottenham captain Son Heung-min scored twice in a 3-0 win for South Korea against China

He did his trademark celebration after helping his side to a routine victory

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China-South Korea has developed into one of Asian football’s biggest rivalries over the years.

It has become a largely one-sided affair in favour of South Korea who have competed at the last 10 World Cups, while China have only made it to one global tournament in 2002.

Given their side’s poor record against South Korea, the Chinese media have previously come up with the term ‘Koreaphobia’, which Korean supporters have been happy to latch onto.

But there has been increased tension between the two nations over the years, and this came to a head during qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.

As the teams prepared to face each other in the Chinese city of Gangshu, the relationship had grown so frosty that the Korean FA asked their counterparts to guarantee the safety of any travelling supporters.

China went on to win that match 1-0 amid a hostile atmosphere, but still failed to make the World Cup.

This time, they were soundly beaten on the pitch, but matters seemed to get out of hand off it, leading to ugly scenes in certain sections of the crowd. 


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