Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou warns officials about the use of VAR

Aussie Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou sends officials a warning about the use of VAR ahead of Old Firm clash against Rangers: ‘It’s the last thing we all want’

  • Ange Postecoglou has grown frustrated with delays caused by VAR
  • The video technology made its debut in the Scottish Premiership in October
  • The Aussie has called for match officials to let games flow smoothly
  • Celtic head to Ibrox on Monday nine points clear of Rangers on the table
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Ange Postecoglou has urged match officials to ensure VAR will not delay the Old Firm clash between Celtic and Rangers on Monday.

The Hoops boss has previously expressed his frustration at the amount of time referees have taken to make a decision since VAR was first introduced in the Scottish Premiership.

And ahead of the first Old Firm of the year, he has reiterated his desire for officials to allow the match to proceed without lengthy interruptions.

Ange Postecoglou has warned match officials about the use of VAR in the Old Firm 

‘The last thing that we all want is to be standing around and watching an individual with his hand to his ear for too long,’ the Australian told the Guardian.

‘That is not what people around the world are going to be wanting to watch. 

‘If mistakes are made in terms of decisions I think we can deal with that, but ultimately what we want to see is a good game of football.’

In November, Postecoglou slammed the way VAR was being used in Scotland after becoming frustrated with lengthy delays during Celtic’s 4-2 win over Dundee United.

The Celtic boss has grown frustrated with the lengthy delays caused by VAR this season 

All six goals were checked by VAR, disrupting the flow of the game much to the annoyance of the Hoops boss. 

‘I don’t think people fell in love with football just to be sitting around for someone in a building miles away to decide outcomes,’ Postecoglou told The Scotsman at the time. 

‘They [the match officials] do not need to take that long. […] If you can’t decide in two minutes then it is probably not there.

Postecoglou complained about the use of VAR after it checked all six goals of Celtic’s 4-2 win over Dundee United back in November 

‘If they have seven camera angles it seems like they want to look at every one.

‘I might be on my own on this one but I will cop people making mistakes but I just don’t feel comfortable.’ 

Celtic head to Ibrox nine points clear of their arch-rivals and could take a decisive step towards retaining the title they won in Postecoglou’s first season if they avoid defeat.

Celtic head to Ibrox for the first Old Firm of 2023 nine points clear of their rivals 

Rangers have won all of their first four games since Michael Beale replaced Giovanni Van Bronckhorst in the dugout, but have failed to impress under the former QPR manager. 

Postecoglou, however, warned the gap between the teams and their contrasting forms would matter for very little come kick-off. 

‘Why should whatever points difference there is on the table make a difference to us? 

‘It didn’t make a difference to us last year when we were behind. So it’s definitely not going to make a difference to us now.’ 

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