Beckham enjoys playing with ‘DB’s sticky stuff’ while at home with Victoria

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    David Beckham admits that playing with 'DB's sticky stuff' is one of his favourite pastimes – and he has been told it tastes "really good" too.

    The Manchester United and England legend offered a cheeky insight into the sense of humour of himself and his wife Victoria at the start of his new Netflix documentary, which is released this week.

    Golden Balls can be seen in the vast land of his Cotswolds home with his beehives, which produce fresh and delicious honey.

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    Speaking to the producer at the start of the documentary, Becks says: “Here it comes, I see it dripping," before he is asked: “What’s the name of your honey again?”

    Becks replies: “There is a bit of an argument in the house at the moment. I think it should be called Golden Bees. Victoria likes DB’s Sticky Stuff.”

    After the producer enjoys a little taste of the honey, he says: “David, it tastes really good man. DB’s Sticky Stuff.”Beckham responds: “See, it’s growing on you.”

    Beckham, the new Netflix doc, gives a unique insight into the stresses and successes of the football legend's life, as he balances the world of show business with being a sporting superstar.

    It also gives snippets of insight into the current life of the pair, in their immaculate homes around the world. The start of the second episode is filmed inside their immaculate kitchen – and the producer can't help but notice how spick and spam the space is.

    “It’s pretty clean, because I clean it. I don’t think it’s appreciated so much by my wife in all honesty," Beckham quips, with Victoria watching on.

    "The fact that when everyone is in bed, I then go around, clean the candles, make sure the lights are on the right settings and make sure everything is in the right place because I hate coming down in the morning and there are cups and plates and bowls.

    "It’s tiring going round every single candle, clipping the wick. I clean the glass. That’s my pet hate, the smoke around the inside of a candle. I know it’s weird.”

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