BBC sex noises sabotager Jarvo69 tried to target Prem game two years ago

The prankster who set off porn sounds in the Match of the Day studio ahead of Liverpool's FA Cup third-round replay with Wolves has attempted the stunt before.

Gary Lineker and co were left red-faced as moaning sounds blasted in the studio as they previewed the clash. Lineker joked: "I don't know who's making that noise. I don't know if somebody is sending a joke on someone's phone, I don't know if you heard it at home."

Normality was eventually resumed, but Lineker revealed they had found a phone on set, and he tweeted: "Well, we found this taped to the back of the set. As sabotage goes it was quite amusing."

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However, it wasn't the first time Jarvo69, real name Dan Jarvis, has attempted the stunt, and he had tried the same prank during Fulham's clash in the Premier League with Tottenham Hotspur in 2021.

Jake Humphrey and ex-pros Rio Ferdinand and Steve Sidwell were the three in the studio – but even they were unaware of the prank. When Dan tried to call the phone, the speakers weren't loud enough to pick it up on TV.

He told The Sun: "I can't remember what make the phone was, but it was cheap and terrible.

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"We did some research and found another model and it worked a treat. It was so loud. Gary Lineker said it was so loud he couldn't even hear the others talking."

BBC issued a statement following the incident on Tuesday night which read: "We apologise to any viewers offended during the live coverage of the football this evening. We are investigating how this happened."


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