Tedesco facing $10,000 fine over ‘squid games’ incident

NSW captain James Tedesco is facing a $10,000 fine for behaving “in a drunken and disorderly manner” and bringing the game into disrepute after an NRL investigation into claims he shouted ‘squid games’ at a 20-year-old Vietnamese woman outside the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi.

The NRL Integrity Unit launched the investigation after Tiffany Trinh made an official complaint to the NRL after telling the Herald she felt the comment was a “joke about her race”.

The NRL hissued the breach notice setting out the allegations on Friday afternoon. In addition to the fine, the NRL proposed that Tedesco undergo education and training. Tedesco has five days to respond to the breach notice.

“It was a group of about ten footy boys, and I was pretty intimidated. It felt pretty bad being laughed at,” Trinh said at the time.

Before Trinh lodged her complaint with the NRL, the Roosters said they had already conducted an investigation into the matter, in which Tedesco claimed he had simply been discussing the popular show with his teammates while in close proximity to Trinh.

The Roosters did not contact Trinh at any stage during the club investigation.

Several of Tedesco’s teammates, who were with the skipper at the time of the incident, were interviewed by the integrity unit.

More to come.

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