Sebastian Vettel sends F1 fans into meltdown by ending social media blackout

Sebastian Vettel has sent F1 fans into meltdown after appearing to end his self-imposed social media blackout.

The four-time world champion has become something of an activist in recent years, speaking out about various subjects including the environment and gay rights. But he hasn’t felt the need to air those views via social media platforms, nor post information about his life away from the track.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport just last year, he said: “Social media is a great way to reach a lot of people. But it depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to show off the socks you wear or if you want something more. If I have an important message I don't think I need my own platform, the message still gets through. I'm interested in taking action.”

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However, it seems Vettel has had a rethink as it appears he has signed up to Instagram. A verified account under his name has been launched on the picture sharing platform. His bio reads: “Four time F1 World Champion. THERE IS STILL A RACE TO WIN”, followed by a link to his official website.

At the time of writing, it already had 307,000 followers, although Vettel had yet to post anything. The German is in Budapest for this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, where no doubt he will be asked about his newfound presence on social media.

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The news has sent F1 followers wild, with many expressing their shock at the move.

“Alert the world's media this really is BREAKING NEWS, there is now an official Sebastian Vettel Instagram account,” tweeted one excited fan.

Another announced: “Fellows, make way for Sebastian Vettel's verified Instagram account” while a third was left in total shock, tweeting: “Still can’t believe it… never thought I’d live to see this day but here we are besties, I’m alive and Sebastian Vettel officially has an Instagram account

Another declared in capital letters: “IT’S HAPPENING. SEBASTIAN VETTEL IS ON SOCIAL MEDIA". One fan pointed out Vettel's growing list of achievements and passions: "Sebastian Vettel: four times world champion, saviour of bees, youngest F1 gp winner, inspector, activist, chicken owner, and now, social media influencer."


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