Red Bull leave F1 fans frustrated with drawn-out RB19 car launch

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Red Bull fans have slammed the team’s New York car launch after being made to wait 49 minutes before they got to see the car. Red Bull started the show with footage of their 2022 car before interviewing team boss Christian Horner. 

But, this was not popular with fans with dozens posting a simple “zzzzz” on YouTube while watching. Others described the show as”cringe” and suggested they “didn’t care”. Users also demanded the team just get on with showing the car. 

The backlash continued on social media with supporters rinsing the team’s decision to focus on the athletes on Twitter.

@VinayakPande posted: “This Red Bull Racing launch is trying my patience a bit. No disrespect to the Red Bull sponsored athletes, but maybe promote them during a race weekend and just get on with revealing the car?

@missklovatt added: “I’m so used to Red Bull being so slick and well-presented for these things. What, did the marketing interns put this together?.”

@rbeltman said: “This is not doing the brand any good. Barely viewable low-energy content. This is sooooo not @redbullracing or @redbull . I love the athletes and the fact the brand stretches across [extreme] sports. But this is just cringe!”

@jamieleebrady commented: “These Red Bull athletes low-key don’t wanna be there.”

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Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez appeared on stage 40 minutes after the show began while the car still had not been shown. The decision to stretch out the show caused more backlash with many claiming they had started to lose interest. 

@BrandonHudson35 claimed: “Excited to see the Red Bull F1 car launch. Got board waiting and closed the video feed, cooked and ate breakfast, came back to check car pics… and… still no car? It’s been almost 45 minutes, and you’re interviewing… skiers?

@made_up_cat added: “This Red Bull launch is BAD. Boring, disconnected, and the crowd is tepid.” However, some defended the team’s decision to show off its full sports roster and not just focus on motorsport. 

@vincenzolandino posted: “For those curious why this isn’t all about F1, it’s *technically* a Red Bull season launch. Red Bull is involved in a lot more than Formula 1, and they’re flexing that to the American audience.”

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