Meet the crypto kid who has spent millions to have face on side of F2 car

Billionaire kid Carl Runefelt has spent millions to have his face planted on the side of a Formula 2 car this season, which is just a brief part of his crazy lifestyle.

The 26-year-old Swede has amassed a huge following after going from being a minimum-wage cashier to a multi-millionaire in just a few years, raising eyebrows this year after he declared he had amassed a billion in crypto wealth.

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, and NFT's have become a phenomenon in the past decade, with a considerable rise in the past few years – though there are many that are still cautious about the platforms.

However, Runefelt, aka 'The Moon Carl', has reaped the rewards after turning his attention to the growing industry and now boasts a lavish lifestyle – with his Instagram account showing everything from flashy cars and private jets to hanging out with lions in Dubai.

Recent clips include taking his private jet to Spain, go-kart racing in Dubai and flaunting the spectacular view above the clouds from his apartment in the mega-rich city.

Runefelt has now turned his hand to Formula 2 sponsorship, as he looks to collect crypto donations from fans across the globe to help disabled children – something that's close to his heart as his brother has Down Syndrome.

"Bringing mass crypto adoption is my goal for 2022. Not only do I wish to bring more awareness to crypto but also child disabilities. Formula 2 gives me a platform for both subjects that are near and dear to my heart," he said in a press release announcing his sponsorship.

"Crypto has built my wealth over the years, which has allowed me to make major donations to foundations that help children with major disabilities such as Down Syndrome, which my little brother has.

Alongside driver Ralph Boschung, who drives for Campos Racing, Runefelt has teased 'huge surprises' for the future – hinting that fans themselves could see their face added to the car for an upcoming race on the F2 calendar this season.

The first race of the season in Bahrain saw Boschung finish fourth, followed by a 15th-placed finish in Saudi Arabia and a first podium in Imola – finishing third and less than a second behind the race leader, with results so far landing him sixth on the standings.

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