Lewis Hamilton opens up on his biggest drive which is giving him ‘more longevity’

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With seven world titles to his name, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has expanded on some of his driving forces this season as the championship finale draws ever closer with each passing race.

Just 12 points separate Hamilton from Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in the Drivers’ Championship, but with only five races remaining, the pressure is on the Briton to close the gap before he runs out of time.

However, off track, Hamilton has been as active as possible in his drive for equality and diversity within the paddock, as Formula One’s only black driver currently competing in the championship.

Tied in a battle with Verstappen, who is 12 years younger and searching for a maiden title this season, Hamilton’s experience on track isn’t the only driving force this season, as the 36-year-old admits his off-track campaigning has helped his desire to succeed.

“This year I’ve not been drawing on past experiences,” Hamilton began, speaking to Sky Sports F1. “I’ve been drawing on feeding off this energy of doing this positive work. I noticed that last year and it was a part of that last year. Getting on the podium so I can give Breonna [Taylor] that voice [with his T-shirt], it was a super drive for me.

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“So now it’s the work that I’m doing in the background and then I’m turning up and I’m enjoying this job.

“Is it helping me race? I think so, yeah. It’s like my new drive and I feel like it’s giving me more longevity because it’s a lot of work we have to do. I feel like it also gives my life real purpose. Racing is not a purpose, it’s something you do.”

Hamilton has not only spoken about diversity and inclusion, but he has also opened up via his social media about his mental health.

The 36-year-old explained the anxiety he copes with and the days he hates his body, saying sometimes he feels like he doesn’t have the “motivation” as he feels “too fat or too skinny.”

Posting on Instagram Hamilton said: “Remember, working out releases endorphins that kick start your day positively, so if you’re anything like me and struggle with your mental health, training is a huge player in helping keep you on a positive.”

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Hamilton continued: “Naturally I’ve definitely had moments… people don’t see but it’s not all beautiful. I’m only human and it’s all relative.

“You have up and down days, I have really difficult days where I don’t want to train, you don’t want to continue to push, all these different thoughts that people have I experience those too.

“There’s been definitely been times where I’m like, I don’t know if I can keep going, or maybe there’s something else I want to do. But I don’t think I’d found my purpose until last year.

“Now I feel like I have a mission in life and it’s not about just winning championships and races, that’s all cool, but actually being able to make an impact to help youngsters coming through.

“My niece and nephew will be having conversations at school about engineering and might want to take triple science, and might want to be mixed-race kids that are can be an engineer either here or at NASA, wherever. I love that.”

Hamilton remains locked in a tense championship battle with Verstappen with five races remaining.

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