Lewis Hamilton F1 car tipped to make more than Mike Tyson’s net worth at auction

Lewis Hamilton’s first Mercedes F1 Championship winning car is set to make more money than Mike Tyson’s net worth.

In 2014, Hamilton won the first of six F1 world titles as a Mercedes driver. There was much anticipation of how he would perform after he swapped McLaren for Mercedes, who did not have the greatest track record of success in F1. However, he absolutely stormed the 2013-14 campaign by finishing a whopping 67 points ahead of nearest challenger and fellow Mercedes team-mate and rival Nico Rosberg.

He won 11 of 19 races and eclipsed the victory tally of all previous British drivers who had got behind the wheel before him. Nearly 10 years after his blistering campaign, the very car he used to win the title is being auctioned – it could even surpass the entire net worth of Mike Tyson.

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On November 17, Hamilton’s motor will be put up for grabs as part of the official auction of the Las Vegas Grand Prix by RM Sotheby’s and Wynn. The 2013 Mercedes F1 W04 is the only Hamilton driven car to be available for purchase by the public. It’s currently estimated to fetch between $10m-$15m.

“In the world of automotive greatness, few marques match the allure of the Mercedes Silver Arrows,” Shelby Myers, Global Head of Private Sales for RM Sotheby’s said. “The Mercedes W196, which sold for $29.6 million, remains the most valuable Formula 1 car ever sold.

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“However, it's the Mercedes-Benz Uhlenhaut Coupé that fetched $142 million, cementing the Silver Arrows' place in history books as one of the world's most valuable and recognizable brands. Now, adding to the legacy of the Silver Arrows, we introduce the W04—a car whose significance cannot be overstated.

"Driven by Formula 1’s most successful driver and sporting icon, Lewis Hamilton, this car delivered his very first win in a Mercedes F1 car, signalling the beginning of the marque's most dominant period: the Hamilton-Mercedes dynasty. This pairing can only be compared to Jordan and the Bulls, Brady and the Patriots, or Messi and Argentina.

“Given the unparalleled lineage and being the sole example outside of Mercedes’ origination publicly available, the pairing of Lewis and the W04 elevates it beyond just a Formula 1 car. This undeniable piece could emerge as one of the most coveted collectibles in the foreseeable future.”

If bids match the initial estimations, then the car will be more financially valuable than Tyson. The former heavyweight champion currently boasts a net worth of around $10m.

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