Lewis Hamilton disagrees with Max Verstappen over late Australian Grand Prix rule change

Formula One preview: A lap of the Australian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton has disagreed with rival Max Verstappen over F1’s late rule change on Saturday morning. The FIA removed one of Melbourne’s four DRS zones for safety reasons ahead of FP3.

It was initially believed removing the DRS would cost teams who are running with porpoising issues such as Mercedes. However, Hamilton backed the changes, claiming his car felt better today than yesterday as a result of the new rule.

He said: “I think it was good that they took the DRS off. We had so much porpoising down that back straight that I had an oversteer problem in the middle of the straight!

“I was like, ‘this is ridiculous’ but it wasn’t the case today.” In comparison, Verstappen hit back against the decision in the post-qualifying press conference, claiming other tracks were more dangerous.

He said: “I don’t really understand why they have removed that now. It’s much safer than what we do in Jeddah, for example. It’s a mystery to me.”

Verstappen later elaborated that the decision to remove the zone was down to only one team.

He added: “Yeah, there was only one team who complained about it and it got removed this morning so I don’t really understand because for me, it was way easier than doing it in, for example, in Jeddah because there was way more corners. For me there was never any issue with driving there with the DRS open.

“So yeah, you have to ask I guess, the FIA, why they took it away. It’s a shame because it would have helped, you know, the racing.”

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This was backed up by Red Bull boss Helmut Marko who said it was bad the zone was removed and could take away from the show.

He said: “I think it’s a very strange decision to change. It’s a shame, because of course, it takes away some of the attractiveness in terms of overtaking.”

F1 simply said the zone had been removed as a safety concern ahead of the Saturday practice session. A statement read: “For safety reasons, DRS Zones will be reduced to 3 for the remainder of the event.

“DRS detection 1 will be moved to before Turn 9, DRS activation 1 will be after Turn 10, DRS detection 2 will remain unchanged, with the following activation zones will be renumbered accordingly.”

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