Lewis Hamilton could defy FIA ban already as picture emerges

Hamilton opens up on plans to remain in F1 ahead of new season

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Lewis Hamilton looks set to continue to defy a strict FIA rule on day one of pre-season testing in Bahrain.The Mercedes star could once more break the FIA’s jewellery ban as he was spotted with a new addition in Sakhir. The seven-time champion appears to have a new nose stud with a silver bolt on his left and right nostrils.

Hamilton will only break the rule if he fails to take it out when he takes to the track this afternoon. The Briton had just one in 2022 but it caused controversy after the FIA clamped down on drivers wearing bling behind the wheel.

His new piercing comes amid rising tensions between F1 team bosses and the FIA. FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem has backed Andretti-Cadillac’s potential F1 entry despite concerns from team principals including Toto Wolff.

Ben Sulayem has also angered F1 organisers after he made comments about the sport’s possible valuation. Hamilton initially defied the ban last year but was handed an exemption after a meeting with the governing body.

However, the Mercedes driver was forced to comply mid-season after the threat of being hit with penalties. He appeared to go against the FIA rule in Singapore as he was spotted wearing the stud behind the wheel.

The 38-year-old was called into the stewards after the incident but was let off after he handed in a doctor’s note. He commented: “I’ve had my jewellery and my nose stud for years,

“We had that whole commotion at the beginning of the year. At the time it was soldered in so it didn’t come loose.They gave me at the time, for many races… an exemption until I could find a solution. Then I went and got it taken out. It got infected because of that… and I had a blood blister.

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“Then I went back and had to have the blood blister fixed because there was pus and blood and stuff and then I put this in and the last two weeks it’s started to heal.” Hamilton was one of the most vocal drivers against the FIA’s jewellery ban last season.

He even claimed he could not remove one of his piercings and “can’t really explain where it is”. However, the multiple champion now admits he was only messing around.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, he explained: “I was just f***ing with it. I don’t have any other piercings anywhere. But I love that there’s this thinking: S***, has he got his b***s pierced?”

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