Fury at ‘insane’ food prices at F1 Miami GP with salads costing as much as $250

F1 fans were left drying their eyes and shielding their wallets after they were faced with prices of up to $250 for a salad at the Miami Grand Prix.

As you would expect, it was quite the glitzy affair at the Miami International Autodrome. The likes of Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise, tennis icon Roger Federer, and many more were all seen at the race, which saw Max Verstappen become the first driver since Niki Lauda to win a Grand Prix from ninth position.

Any spectator attending such an event would expect their wallets and purses to take a pounding. However, fans were absolutely flummoxed when they saw some of the prices.

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One fan uploaded a photo of a relatively unappetising looking wagyu steak sandwich he purchased there. Wagyu steak is widely regarded as being the most exclusive, highest quality meat in the world, so fans would expect to pay through the nose for such decadence.

Unfortunately, when it arrived, the meat was so thinly cut, you may have been able to read a newspaper through it. Not only was the sandwich on the disappointing side, it cost a hefty $42 (£33) – incredibly, this was reportedly one of the cheaper food options.

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Another photograph of a menu from the event also advertised some more eye watering prices. According to this menu, a refreshing plate of chilled prawns with mustard and cocktail sauce could have been yours for the price of $500 (£395).

If you wanted to get all of your Vitamins As, Bs, and Cs, a plate of fresh fruit containing pineapple, watermelon, stone fruit, rambutan, kiwi, and coconut granita, would have set you back $295 (£233). A nice refreshing salad of watermelon, tomatillo, arugula, goat cheese, brought together with a fresh mint and blood orange dressing would have cost $250 (£197).

And if you grew fed up of the cold plates and wanted something with a bit of heat, you could have shelled out $350 (£276) for an empanada, some steamed buns for $300 (£237) and a plate of nachos for $275 (£217). If you want to be even fancier, you could order a hefty platter with sliders, ribeye quesadillas, and chicken tenders for $500 (£395) – to really add to the opulence you could even ask for an ounce of caviar for the glaring price of $400 (£316). While most of these dishes were designed to serve up to four people at a time, the prices were still enough to make anyybody fall over.

While there were cheaper options at the Grand Prix – a hamburger for $15 (£12.85) or a steak chaufa for $21 (£17), it is still a very expensive day out. If you one day purchase tickets for the event, you may be recommended to bulk up with a gigantic breakfast before you enter the grounds.

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