FIA face huge policing job if Porsche and Audi join F1 due to two reasons

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Tensions are rising amid rumours the Formula 1 field could be increased to include manufacturers Porsche and Audi in the foreseeable future. The potential expansion has been welcomed by many among the motorsport community, but there are fears close links between certain brands will disrupt the sport.

Porsche and Audi are owned by the Volkswagen Group, but there’s word the former could collaborate with Red Bull on its power unit when the new technical regulations are introduced in 2026. Red Bull Powertrains, the Austrian manufacturer’s new engine supplier, is also hoping to benefit from ‘newcomer’ status in 2026 and thus reap all the financial concessions that come with it.

This would put Porsche in a rather unique position of sharing ownership with one team while working alongside another, leading to concerns over information being shared at Volkswagen. In theory, this would allow teams to stockpile the resources of two or more ‘opponents’ and effectively double their allowance against the budget cap introduced in 2021.

The Race reported it has been informed such an outcome is a “possibility” as the VW Group raises its stakes in F1. It’s also said to be a concern Audi could base its own engine design off the V6 project Porsche abandoned when they last teased an entry into F1 four years ago.

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“It’s not clear yet who actually enters as a power unit supplier and who declares themselves as newcomers,” said Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff. “It could well be that there are three companies from the same group that are entering as newcomers.”

It’s understandable that rival groups would share concerns regarding fairness in that event. Wolff adding: “The picture is still very unclear and whether $15million CapEx is enough or not enough, there are much bigger topics that we need to agree on – which we haven’t.”

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F1 outfits have long shared the belief intellectual property in the sport is sacred, and thus sharing company secrets is off limits. However, the difficulty lies in regards to how the FIA would definitively and reliably police the matter.

Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto has said he and his team would be “very happy for Porsche and Audi to join F1. ““We need to consider what we define what is a newcomer and what are the benefits of a newcomer? All that needs to be clarified and defined. There is also the IP transfer. IP transfer should not be possible, that was agreed. How we translate that into a wording needs to be decided.”

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