Fernando Alonso leads salary cap row as he claims F1 milk drivers – ‘We do more and more’

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Fernando Alonso has slammed proposals for a salary cap in Formula One, insisting drivers are doing “more and more”. The Alpine ace has become the latest driver to hit out at the plans, which could be introduced to limit spending. 

Salaries were one of few areas exempt from a spending cap imposed on teams for the first time last season. Teams were given £116million ($145m) to spend, but that did not include spending on hospitality or driver salaries. 

That budget was reduced for this season to further limit how much teams can spend. And there has been debate over whether it should include a cap on how much teams can pay their drivers. 

However, Alonso has hit out at those who believe there should be a limit on drivers’ pay. The Spaniard has pointed out that stars do “more and more”, and should be compensated fairly. 

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“I don’t think it is needed because drivers… it has always been [on the] outside, this topic. Drivers, they are used more and more to promote Formula One,” the 40-year-old said. 

“We do more and more events and more in contact with the fans, the paddock. So they are asking more and more from us and they are benefitting from that. So we should be outside of that cap.”

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has revealed that plans for a salary cap are being discussed but admits one will not be introduced in the short term. He said at the Monaco Grand Prix: “That’s a point we started discussing a month ago together with all the teams, F1 and the FIA. 

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“We understand the importance to try somehow to cap the overall expenses. Obviously, there is not only the three top key personnel in the team, there are not only the drivers, there is the engine and the power unit as well, for which  there will be a budget cap in the future.

“So we are discussing it. There is not a straightforward solution, especially for a driver’s salary cap. But no doubt we are discussing it and trying to understand what can be a solution.”

He added: “It will not be in the short term. The reason for that is we already have contracts in place and we cannot simply breach them. 

“There are legal implications, certainly to understand how to do that, so it’s a discussion. It’s an important one, we understand it and we recognise it will take time, but certainly we will go through the process.”

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